• Buildings,  Machinery

    Back to Work on the Kiln Building

    How is it the middle of October already? We have a to-do list that needs to be finished before winter arrives. We last left off on this kiln building project when we set up the kiln’s computer. We decided to work on the two most important things first. Finishing up the firewood (we have a long way to go) and working on the kiln building. We are busy splitting kindling in our spare time and evenings ( short as they are) but spent some time furthering the progress on the kiln building too.

    Kiln building,big door
    Building the draw bridge!

  • Machinery

    Larger Planer Means Bigger Projects

    We have been on the lookout for a larger planer for the workshop. Our old one only takes boards up to 12 inches wide. We priced out planers that took 24 inch boards but they were beyond what we were willing to pay. Hate when that happens. Then the clouds parted, the angels sang, and one came up for sale in our area. Love when that happens.

    New to us planer

  • Machinery,  Welding

    We Bought A Truck That DUMPS!

    The last few years, on countless occasions, one of us has said, “It would be so much easier if we could just dump this.” We considered buying a trailer that dumped, but already having two trailers for different uses, we thought three would be overkill. Then we mulled over the idea of converting our current truck by buying an insert that dumped. Didn’t really want to do that since it is our only vehicle. Like a dog with a bone, Jim searched online and finally came across this truck for sale.

    one tonne dump truck
    New to us one tonne dump truck

  • Buildings,  Machinery

    Bartering Skidsteer Hours for Firewood

    Ever use the barter system? If not, you are missing out. Living in a small community people often barter for services. Case in point, we saw an ad for local firewood that sounded too good to pass up and after contacting the owner, turns out it was someone we knew. See, we have enough firewood for this coming winter but would really like to have a head start for next winter so we don’t have to scramble in the spring.

    Hardwood for firewood

  • Machinery,  Milling Lumber

    New Floorboards for an Old Trailer

    We have had this trailer for nearly 12 years. It is well used for hauling mowers in the summer and the quad with plow in the winter. It has even carried logs. While the metal body is hard looking, it is what it is. Can’t do much about that now. We have known for a while that the floor boards needed to be replaced. One of those jobs you keep putting off for later. Well, we don’t have much choice now. Jim was stepping up onto the deck of the trailer to get on the ride-on mower and he put his foot right through the floor. Ouch.

    trailer,floorboards,replacing the deck
    No more procrastinating

  • Chainsaw,  Foresty,  Machinery

    CBN Plated Chainsaw Sharpening

    Uniformity in design brings consistency in results. When it comes to chainsaw sharpening, consistency in the tooth sharpening and rake height means that your job of sawing through wood takes less effort. You literally have an easier job of slicing through the wood.

    diamond plated wheels,sharpening services,forestry,logging
    Our chainsaw sharpening wheels.

  • Animals,  Gardening,  Machinery

    Digging a Garden the Easy Way

    One of our neighbours is actually a cottage on the lake. They have recently done some winterizing so they can spend more time there. This year they decided to expand on the little garden that was in place but it was more work than a shovel could handle. They asked Jim to go over with the skidsteer and loosen things up for them.  Here he is speeding down the road at a whopping 10 kms an hour. At this rate we should be there by tomorrow 🙂

    skidsteer,garden,pine cones
    Slow down

  • Machinery,  Welding

    Crash Course in Welding

    Never in a million years would I have thought I would write a post on welding, but here goes…

    Any welding we need to have done, we bring to Mike McCarron who owns Maritime Directional Drilling. He is excellent, and only a few kms down the road from us. His company provides directional drilling, really fascinating. No doubt we will continue to bring him any big projects but we Jim thought for the smaller welding jobs we could do it here ourselves.

    CAT MTL with v-plow
    skid steer with plow