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    Farm Gate

    welding farm gate pins
    Reducing the risk of theft

    One of the negatives in our neck of the woods is that there are people out there who will steal anything. So, part of the battle to reduce theft is to reduce the level of opportunity to steal. Our idea was to weld the pins onto the gate. The gate will still pivot, it just won’t be easy to simply lift the gate off its hinges.

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    Sheep barn repairs

    Sheep barn repairs.
    Sheep barn repairs.

    Both sides of this sheep barn has an entrance. Along side each door is the part of the plastic sheeting that rolls up for ventilation. This area of the barn’s design fails, in my opinion. So its my job to figure out a way to keep the plastic from tearing.



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    Wind jammers for a sheep barn

    Brierly Brook Farm
    Brierly Brook Farm

    The design of the mechanism that raised and lowered the crosswind plastic windows did not compensate for strong winds. When the wind blows from certain directions, it catches the end openings when the plastic is in the lowered position. He asked if the mechanism could be sheilded. I built what I call “wind jammers” and I fixed a few other things while there.