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    Firewood and Dog Sitting Round 3

    We picked the second hottest day so far this year to start getting firewood ready for the winter. The first hottest day was the day we cut them down. We must be cracked. Or have very bad timing. We still have about 3 cords left from last year, but that’s not enough to get us through the winter. We usually use about 5 – 6 cords a year but its always nice to have extra. We started by cutting up the small parts of the rock maple we cut down a few weeks ago. The one large log from the base of the tree will go on the mill later.

    Making sawdust

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    Cutting Large Stumps

    If you remember last fall we cut down about ten trees at my Moms house, and we had left the stumps. Not because we were lazy, but because Jim needed an excuse to buy a new tool. Couldn’t finish the job until the order was placed and picked up. Well, now there is no excuse so we headed over to finish the job.

    chainsaw,tree stumps
    Does this saw make my butt look big?

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    Carving a Dough Bowl

    Todays post is brought to you by the number 2 and the letter L. Ha. Anyone remember what tv show that was from? First person gets a prize. On to todays project: carving a dough bowl. Our temperatures were decent enough to do a little work outdoors so we headed out to carve a dough bowl.

    dough bowl,carving,chainsaw
    Strapping down the blank.

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    Operation: Pine Tree Removal

    One of our spring jobs is crossed of the old to-do list, in winter no less. We were asked by my Aunt across the lake to take down five pine trees in the spring. They stood about 40 feet tall and were located quite close to her house. After the last wind storm, lots of branches broke off making a mess on her lawn. Most living branches were about 20 or more feet up. The rest were gone. This is what we started with.

    pine tree removal
    Before…pine trees

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    Weekend update

    Happy Thanksgiving. We had a busy weekend.

    On Friday afternoon, we met up with Dave Restoule, the arborist we worked with a few times before to take down the remaining trees at my Moms place. In May (hard to believe it was that long ago) we worked with Dave to take down, I think it was 4 maple trees that were 70 feet tall. Got a nice bit of firewood from those. Some were rotten at the base though.

    Taking down the maple trees in May

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    Finishing our cleanup.

    We didn’t waste any time getting back to operation cleanup!! The next morning we headed out and first up was loading the newly re-built wood bin with the pile of maple firewood we picked up for free in Guysborough. We had to cut and split them. I just set aside any that were too large and they would be split smaller later.

    Back breaking work.