Laundry room

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    Spray Frost on Windows

    A few years back we used spray frost for the first time and it was a success. Our laundry room has no windows so when we finished the basement, we bought a door with a full glass insert and got busy with spray frost. The result was better than expected, especially when we had gone to a speciality glass store in town and they wanted six hundred dollars to do the same thing. I kid you not.

    Make your own laundry room door.
    In case I get lost looking for the washing machine

  • Laundry room,  Renovations

    Laundry Room Renovation

    Laundry room renovation
    Laundry room renovation

    A neighbor had a whole new kitchen installed and they had the foresight to disassemble the previous kitchen cabinets piece by piece. The old set was solid oak and was too good to waste. So they wanted cupboards in the laundry room. The pictures above are the result. The only piece of material I bought was a sheet of 3/4 oak plywood for the storage cabinet. Its amazing what can be done wha little bit of recycled lumber.