I've built a variety of furniture projects over the years.

  • Furniture,  Milling Lumber

    “Refined” Stump Table

    I know, I know, using the words refined and stump table together is kinda strange. But I didn’t want a round hunk of a log with the bark peeled off just sitting on the floor as a side table. This one from Wayfair is selling for $499.00 and you can even make monthly payments if you wish!! Who buys this stuff.

    stump table
    Wayfair Stump Table
  • Furniture,  Kitchen

    Upholstering Bar Stools for the Kitchen

    Today I am going to show you what not to do when upholstering a stool. You’re welcome. We have these two stools at the island in the kitchen and thinking back we have had them for at least 25 years. And for about 15 of those years we weren’t even using them. Not sure why we hung on to them, nothing special. Just your regular bar stools. Here is what they looked like just a few days ago.

    bar stools,upholstery,makeover,diy
    Bar stools …before

  • Furniture,  wood chipping

    Building a Twisty Table

    Ever see something and say, “I can build that”. Yeah, we do the same thing. Which reminds me, I’m quitting Pinterest. I recently saw a small twisty table which was awesome and thought it would be a fun EASY project. Not fun, and definitely not easy. Challenging comes to mind. But really, how hard could it be? This is the picture from Pinterest.

    twisty tables
    Table from Pinterest

  • Furniture,  Welding

    Live Edge Floating Shelves

    The weather this weekend meant working on indoor projects. So we decided to cross floating shelves off our list. A while back we picked out two live edge pine boards for this project. They had some drying to do since the kiln isn’t up and running yet.

    Live edge,floating shelves,pine
    Decorating the shelves.

  • Furniture

    Plywood lamp base

    DIY plywood lamp base, build it yourself, made in Nova Scotia
    Our newly finished plywood lamp.

    This was our first time building a wooden lamp base and it turned out better than we imagined. If you would like to make your own follow along and see how easy it is to build.

  • Furniture

    Race Car bed done

    race car bed,woodworking projects
    Race car bed side view

    I completed this race car bed today. All total, this project took about 15 hrs to make. A lot more than I expected, or budgeted for. But that’s how we learn. Would I build another one? Maybe. The MDF material is really not something I care to work with again.