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    Spring saw milling

    We had a fairly mild winter so far as snow depth is concerned. Nowhere near the brutal amount that northern New Brunswick got. The lack of snow though has meant that with the cold air, the frost has gone deep into the ground. Which is ok if you are walking and driving machines over the ground but eventually the frost has to leave and it ill make for a soppy, wet mess to deal with. This year’s to do list will involve a lot of water course management.

    sunrise, Monday, March
    Monday morning blues.
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    Fireplace Digital Thermostat

    We have been using a spring loaded thermometer in our wood stove flue since its been installed. Typically we replace it with a new one each year because the probe that is in the flue bends from overheating. We don’t always catch the wood stove in time to close the damper when trying to bring it up to heat. With a little bit of research online and reading some reviews that appeared to be honest, we purchased a digital thermometer from a web site that specializes in selling high heat thermometers.

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    Skidding Firewood

    I had this idea for measuring and crating firewood that would not involve as much lumber as the previous crating experiments I was trying out. This new method involved pallet strapping. I built a “jig” that holds the supplies and the 32 x 48 ” pallet that will hold the split firewood. The idea was to stack the wood 36″ high, resulting in 32 cu ft of spit firewood (1/4 cord). Sounded like a good plan.

    firewood,Nova Scotia
    Trying a new way to crate firewood.

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