Baking has been a part of my life as long as woodworking.

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    Walnut Crunch

    I don’t recall where I found this recipe but I know one thing for sure, it makes a near identical recipe to the walnut crunch cake donuts that were commercially available here in Canada. No one knows for sure why its no longer made commercially. Luckily, we have a recipe that will allow people to make them at home.

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    Mmmm… Sour Cream Cake Donuts

    With our office work done for the day, (is it ever?) and rain blowing sideways, we decided to make some cake donuts. A while ago we tried the donuts baked in the oven, even bought the proper pan, but nothing replaces fried donuts. It’s not our first donut rodeo though, we’ve been making these at home for a few years now, and for about 20 years before that in a commercial fryer at our bakery.

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    Balls of Heaven

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    Best. Donairs. Ever.

    Thats a pretty bold statement but I can back it up. You can’t be from the Maritimes, or to be more specific, from Nova Scotia, if you haven’t had at least one donair in your life. And if you are lucky enough to live here you have probably had many a donair. Too many to count. All you others don’t know what you’re missing. I feel bad for you.

    Loch Katrine Donairs

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    Homemade Baked Donuts

    On the weekend we decided to try baked donuts. This was more of an experiment than anything. No high expectations at all. While surfing around the internet, I came across a recipe for baked donuts. First thought was, probably not very good. But after reading further I found out it was a thing. Before we could start we had to see if we could find donut pans locally. Low and behold, we did.

    baked donuts
    Donut pans.

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    Make Your Own Granola Bars

    If you have never even considered making your own granola bars, I am going to try and change your mind today. I won’t give you the recipe but a quick search online will give you many options according to your taste. You might say, “But, Gina, I can just go buy some at the grocery store.” And to that I would say, “When you make them yourself you know what’s in them!”

    granola bars
    Granola goodness.

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    Random Wednesday

    Well, hello. Welcome, if you are new to these parts, and welcome back if you are a regular.  We have been keeping ourselves busy and trying to stay out of trouble.

    Jim celebrated a birthday on the weekend. That called for chocolate cake of course.

    birthday cake
    Happy Birthday Jim!!!!