LED Mini Light Set 1 m Cool White with Auto On-Off Timer


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This light set measures 1 meter long (3 ft), from first to last light. There is a lead wire of 4 inches from the battery box to the first light. 3 AA batteries to operate.(not included). The slide switch on the battery box has three positions, on, timer and off.

Auto Timer
The auto timer option features 6 hrs on/18 hrs off. So for example, if you are using the mini lights in a scroll saw light box project that hangs on the wall, slide the switch to Timer when you want the light to come on and it will stay on for 6 hours, then it will turn off automatically for 18 hrs. Then it will come on again for 6 hrs, then off for 18 hours. It will continue doing that until the batteries wear down. Then you simply repeat the procedure.

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