Wood Chips

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We offer small scale wood chips and mulch for your landscaping needs. Price is per half yard (skid steer bucket full). Please call ahead for availability. We only keep limited quantities on hand at any given time. Chips are mostly a mixture of spruce, fir and pine, along with poplar.

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If you have your own source of trees, we can mulch on site. If you only require a small amount of wood chips we sell wood chips and mulch from our work yard. Whether you want a pickup truck load or a garbage bag full, we can help you out.

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Kinda late or early for a reindeer
wood chipping,mulch,flower beds
Adjusting the shoot
wood chipping,mulch,flower beds
Mulch is done!!
All finished here
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Scraps ready to chip.
Still working…
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Making some ground cover





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