Wood Chipper For Hire


We rent out our wood chipper for hire. We charge by the hour. Machine, fuel and 2 labourers is included in the price. More labourers available, depending on the job, at $20 per hour. Supply your own labour to lower your cost.

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For Hire: Our wood chipper can fit up to 8 inch wide logs and slabs. If you are having thinning of the forest done, or simply need some branches cleaned up from a fallen tree, give us a call.

Need someone who is qualified to go in and thin your stand of trees? We can put you in touch with them.

Some helpful tips; leave the trees in 8ft lengths as it makes for faster removal. Less time = less cost to you. Our chipper can mulch the tree with the limbs on. Exceptions being thick sheared Christmas trees might need some trimming, we can do that as needed.

The mulch makes excellent ground cover.

All finished here
chipping trees,forestry,arborist,landscaping
Keeping the chipper fed.
chipping trees,forestry,arborist,landscaping
Thinned out and cleaned up. Beautiful.

wood chipping,alders
Getting set up
wood chipping,alders
What a state of alder! BEFORE chipping.
woodchipping,wood chipper
Standing in the ditch
Bearcat wood chippers,70085,potable chipping,ground cover,landscaping
Clearing up the brush
Still working…
wood chipping,forestry,mulching
forestry clearing thinned trees
About 1/2 way done at this point.
Pushing the chipper
pulp wood,Nova Scotia, wood lot owners,land clearing
Scraps ready to chip. The mulch is ideal for pathways and road cover.


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