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Sawmill For Hire: We perform sawmilling services. Bring us your logs and tell us what you need. We charge by the hour for the machinery and 1 sawyer.

  • Dirty logs that require pressure wash cleaning will add to the time.
  • Embedded foreign objects that damage a blade incurs a $35.00 fee for each blade damaged. This can happen with ‘yard trees’ that have had nails, screws, staples, fence wire or other foreign objects inserted into the tree over the years.
  • Supply your own labour to help pull slabs and stack lumber will lower your costs.
  • Portable services – I prefer to mill in my work yard but if you really need portable service, call to discuss.
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Sawmill For Hire: Some of our work;

milling lumber,spruce logs,kiln shed
milling lumber,spruce logs,kiln shed
Doing the heavy lifting.

Saw milling spalted sugar maple logs

Up, up and away
Poplar lumber on pallets
Jim and Greg.
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poplar cookies


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