Sawmill Blade Sharpening Service


We offer portable saw mill blade setting and sharpening. Tax included in price. Shipping to and from our service is your cost to incur. Repeat customer get an additional 10% off.

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We offer sharpening services for portable sawmill blades using the finest sharpening system in the business. Our sharpener is oil cooled and employs a CBN wheel (diamond dust coated) to produce extremely sharp blades.

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saw blade sharpener

Blades have to be clean, no pitch build up, before setting and sharpening. Blades that come in and need cleaning is an extra $3 a blade.

You can ship your blades or drop them off. Either way, please provide a means to transport the sharp blades back to your shop, that is, a sturdy box with sufficient padding. Please contact me with your sharpening needs before shipping blades, to ensure we have the correct CBN wheel for your blades. We carry some profiles but we do not yet carry all profiles.

For safety reasons we reserve the right to refuse any blade for sharpening. If you have any other questions please just let us know.

Our dual tooth setter is best in class. We set the kerf before sharpening.


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