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We sell firewood, pick up or delivery available. We also build and supply cord wood bins. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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We supply the public as well as commercial businesses like stores and gas stations that cater to tourists and campgrounds, or wood fired kilns and pizza ovens.

We are now a registered firewood dealer in northeastern Nova Scotia, certified by Measurements Canada.

Residents of Nova Scotia are invited to complete the Nova Scotia Rebate Program which offers the provincial portion (10%) of the sales tax as a rebate to residential home owners. Visit for application information.

A full cord is defined as a pile of wood that measures 48 inches high x 48 inches deep x 96 inches long. We pre-stack our firewood to ensure accurate measuring.

cord firewood, Nova Scotia
Courtesy: Government of Canada – Measurements Canada

Hardwood Firewood, splits and rounds

Limited time offer FREE 1 cu ft softwood kindling with each cord purchased!

128 cu ft, stacked and strapped on 4 pallets: $240.00 plus cost of pallet crates. Delivered loose pile. Customers are invited to bring a trailer if they want to load pre-stacked palletized firewood.

Smaller quantities available. You can drive through with a pickup truck and we can load 1 or 2 pallets into the back of the truck.


Softwood Kindling U-Pick (Yard Price)

Arm load (1 cubic foot): $ 5.75 (Better pricing available for larger quantities.)

Bagged Firewood & Kindling

Bagged kindling: Split small for easy starting. Mixture of softwood; hemlock, pine, some spruce and fir.

1 – 50 bags $7.00 ea.
51 – 99 bags $6.00 ea.
100+ bags $5.00 ea.


We can deliver 3 loose cord at a time. The map below shows a 100km radius from our location in Loch Katrine. Contact us for a delivery quote.

firewood delivery, northeastern Nova Scotia, Antigonish County, Guysborough County, Pictou County.
This is our general delivery radius 100 km radius.


We can stack your wood for a fee.


Storage crates available. We can custom build to your needs.

When buying firewood, make sure you know what you’re getting. We stack our splits and rounds into crates for drying. Shown here, we are loading for a tossed cord delivery

If you have any questions about measuring firewood or ensuring you got what you paid for, please consult the following resources:

A Guide to Buying and Measuring Stacked Firewood
Buying Firewood? Don’t get burned.

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