Rough sawn lumber 2x Poplar


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2 inches x random width x 96 inches (typically +96 inches) poplar.

Priced by the board foot. Typically referred to as “bf” or “bd ft” price. It allows for easier calculating for random width lumber.

Poplar is a hard wood that was used a lot “back in the day” for wagons and floors because it was strong, wore well and lightweight.

Rough sawn lumber is larger than store bought S4S (surfaced “planed” 4 sides) lumber. Rough sawn lumber typically contains 30-50% more wood so please consider that when you are comparing prices.

For example:

a store bought 2x6x8ft board contains 5.5 bd ft;

(1.5 inches x 5.5 inches x 96 inches) / 144 = 5.5 bd ft

a rough sawn 2x6x8ft contains 8 bd ft;

(2 inches x 6 inches x 96 inches) / 144 = 8 bd ft


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