wooden maps,Newfoundland,Maritimes,Atlantic provinces, woodworking
Close up detail of our map work.

We offer a wide selection of woodworking projects, as well as lumber, firewood and saw blade sharpening services.

Our woodworking style of crafting leans towards the rustic, country vibe. Purchases cannot be made directly here. Simply contact us with your interest along with shipping address. We also welcome local pick up.

For the maps, I cut the maps guided by my own hand, I do not use CNC machines.  I can cut a map of pretty much any area whether it be a province or state or country, region within one of those areas, lake area, cottage country, etc. Or pretty much anything else you can think of. Sizes can vary by an inch in either direction for maps and backboards. We also accept custom requests, send us a picture of something you’ve seen or call us to discuss your specific request.

For the lumber, we keep a very limited amount on hand. We are not a production saw milling service. If you are in need of lumber whether its standard size or custom cuts, contact us. If we have the logs, we’ll figure something out for you.

For the firewood, check out our firewood page for all the details.