• Crafts

    Making Hexagon Shelves

    Some call them hexagon shelves and others call them honeycomb shelves. No matter what you call them, they are cool. We have no wall space for shelves of this size so when we were contacted to build a set we thought it would be a fun project. This is the picture we got from the customer.

    Hexagon shelves,diy,honeycomb shelves
    Inspiration for shelves
  • Furniture,  Welding

    Live Edge Floating Shelves

    The weather this weekend meant working on indoor projects. So we decided to cross floating shelves off our list. A while back we picked out two live edge pine boards for this project. They had some drying to do since the kiln isn’t up and running yet.

    Live edge,floating shelves,pine
    Decorating the shelves.
  • Store displays and fixtures

    Community center bar storage solutions

    Soda pop can storage
    Soda pop can storage

    I was called to provide a storage solution for behind the bar service at a local community center. The bartenders wanted a a easy access solution to open cans of pop while at the same time easy to clean. Dried, spilled soda pop is a sticky mess. There was also a need for a center cabinet for liquor bottles. After consulting with them for their needs here is my solution.



  • Furniture

    Basket weave shelf

    Basket weave woodworking project
    Basket weave coat rack and shelf

    I didn’t get many pics while making this oak and walnut basket weave coat rack but follow along and I’ll tell you how I went about it. This took about 4 hours start to completion, not including the finishing.




  • Furniture

    Country pine shelf

    Woodworking a bead board shelf.
    Multi-purpose shelf.

    This project I made from a photo in a magazine. It is 36 inches long and 8 inches wide at the the top shelf. Made of 3/4 inch #2 pine most of which was scrap stock from the bin. The crown molding was my second attempt at using a 2 inch multi profile molding bit.