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    Spring saw milling

    We had a fairly mild winter so far as snow depth is concerned. Nowhere near the brutal amount that northern New Brunswick got. The lack of snow though has meant that with the cold air, the frost has gone deep into the ground. Which is ok if you are walking and driving machines over the ground but eventually the frost has to leave and it ill make for a soppy, wet mess to deal with. This year’s to do list will involve a lot of water course management.

    sunrise, Monday, March
    Monday morning blues.
  • Crafts

    Making a Confederation Tray

    It started as an experiment, like most things do around here. To try it and see what happens. We had harvested some hemlock logs from Sutherland’s River, NS in the winter of 2017/2018. We decided to slice up some hemlock into round discs, called cookies, and follow through the process of levelling, sanding and finishing. But first, we have to count the rings. I counted just over 150 rings. That means this tree sprouted at about the same time a group of men gathered in Charlottetown, PEI. Which is just up the road and across the water :). Confederation Cookies.

    hemlock trees,Nova Scotia,forestry,hand made in Canada,cookies
    About 150 growth rings.