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    Being a Secretive Santa

    The week before Christmas we were asked by our neighbors to check on Jacob and Frank three different days. You know, to let them out to go potty and even try and get Jacob to burn off some energy.  These are the same dogs we dog sit for now and again. We love any chance we get to see them. Jim calls Jacob my boyfriend cause I think I’m in love. That is especially funny since I am afraid of 99% of dogs. We have another neighbor that I wish I could visit but Jim visits alone because you guessed it…they have a dog.

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    Frank and Jacob

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    Making a Christmas Sign

    Earlier in the year I joked that I was quitting Pinterest. It was a joke people, I didn’t actually follow through with it. And I’m glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have made this awesome sign. The one I was eyeing was square with a frame and had been aged and sanded. It was nice but we wanted something a little more unique. Enter Jim. His suggestion was one of the ovals we had cut from hemlock last year. Here is the finished sign, then I will show you how I did it.

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    Christmas sign

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    Drop Cloth Christmas Stockings

    I know, I know, it isn’t Christmas just yet but when it comes time to decorate I like to have all my ducks in a row…or in this case all my stockings in a row. I keep saying sewing isn’t really my thing, but some things require the misery in order to get to the finish line. Case in point…I wanted a couple of decorative Christmas stockings. I have plenty of material left over from my sewing spree earlier in the year that I decided to use. And that material is drop cloth or painters cloth.

    grain sack,painting stripes,pillows,table runner
    Painters drop cloth

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    Christmas Tree and More Maps

    Hope you had a good weekend. We had just the right amount of busyness (is that even a word) and down time. We finally got our tree up and decorated. You might think that living on land that used to be a Christmas tree farm, we would have a real tree, but you would be wrong. While the trees were trimmed at one time, they haven’t been touched in several (maybe 15-20) years. They are way too big to come indoors. Sooo… artificial it is. This is one we have had for about 20 years and it will soon be time for a new one.

    christmas tree
    Ready for Christmas

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    Weekend Update

    It was a busy weekend, what with Christmas creeping closer. It seems like there is lots of time and then all of a sudden there are only two weeks left. We clued up all the orders to get them in the mail for today. That included finishing the Nova Scotia crib board.

    crib board,ns map
    Drilling the holes on the crib board.