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    Being a Secretive Santa

    The week before Christmas we were asked by our neighbors to check on Jacob and Frank three different days. You know, to let them out to go potty and even try and get Jacob to burn off some energy.  These are the same dogs we dog sit for now and again. We love any chance we get to see them. Jim calls Jacob my boyfriend cause I think I’m in love. That is especially funny since I am afraid of 99% of dogs. We have another neighbor that I wish I could visit but Jim visits alone because you guessed it…they have a dog.

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    Frank and Jacob
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    Digging a Garden the Easy Way

    One of our neighbours is actually a cottage on the lake. They have recently done some winterizing so they can spend more time there. This year they decided to expand on the little garden that was in place but it was more work than a shovel could handle. They asked Jim to go over with the skidsteer and loosen things up for them.  Here he is speeding down the road at a whopping 10 kms an hour. At this rate we should be there by tomorrow 🙂

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    Slow down
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    Porcupine from Hell

    Let me start off by saying WE LOVE NATURE. Don’t have a problem with all the little critters, some are even cute from a distance. But we do have a problem when they start destroying our property. Like our latest porcupine from hell.

    Porcupine chewed on plastic lattice
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    Random Wednesday

    Well, hello. Welcome, if you are new to these parts, and welcome back if you are a regular.  We have been keeping ourselves busy and trying to stay out of trouble.

    Jim celebrated a birthday on the weekend. That called for chocolate cake of course.

    birthday cake
    Happy Birthday Jim!!!!
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    Painting and Flooring Job

    Yesterday we started a small job which has grown in size.  If you remember, we had installed a new glass storm door for a neighbour a few weeks ago. At the time she mentioned she would like to have new flooring installed in two bedrooms: a spare bedroom and her master bedroom and ensuite, plus walk-in closet.

    The spare room had some damage to the drywall where a cabinet had been removed, so she asked to have the drywall fixed and both rooms painted.

    First up was fixing the drywall in the spare room.

    Drywall repairs
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    Wildlife and puppies

    The other evening after supper we spied four deer on our front lawn. The most we have ever seen at one time before was three, usually a mother and two babies. They stayed for close to an hour, eating of course. They looked very healthy.

    This was the largest one, we assume its the Mom.

    Momma deer
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    Breakfast with the bald eagle

    This morning we noticed a bald eagle land atop a spruce tree. As I viewed it through the camera lens, I watched it watching the man walking along the road across the lake.

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    Bald eagle scouting breakfast

    Maybe the bird was thinking, “Nope, to big to carry.” Then the man’s dog come along …