Our sawmilling


Stack of spruce 2x4 rough lumberSo exciting.Milling 2 x 4'sSo awesome.Putting up the first wall of the kiln.Drying in the basement.Sugar maple cookies.stacks of wood bowl blankssaw milling a short length of woodCut to make the bottomA custom flat pack box. Keep your blades safe during storage and transport.Ten blades per flat pack box.Winter sawing.Spalted sugar maple, been sitting for a bit more than a year outdoors.Sugar maple short log being opened up.Saw milling spalted sugar maple logsWood-mizer dual tooth settersaw blade sharpenersaw blade setterBark removed.One inch pine2 inch lumber Kiln bldg base.Spare lumber off the saw mill - 'shorts'.Wide plank live edge pine in our inventory.Time for a new hat!Turning the log on the mill.Customer orderNice wide planksWide pine planks.Live edge pineLive pine pine boards1" pine lumber2" pine lumber16" pine logPUSHWowPineSaw milling live edge pine slabs.Stacks of 1 and 2 inch wide plank pineStacks of poplar planksStacks of firewoodStack of stickersSaw milling pine logssawmillpine log slabs with live edgepine logssaw milling poplarLAST onePallets of lumberUp, up and awayMoving poplar logs with the skidsteerPoplar lumber on palletsFlying soloScraps for stickersIts messy worksawmillpile of pine logslogs painted to help with dryingTaking off the straps.Loading the trailer with pine logs.Ready to go.Look what followed me homeHeavy load.Lots of pine lumber in our future.End of day Saturday.Felling pine treesBucking pine treesPoplar planksHard at workFirst use of a chainsawFunPlugging alongThat doesn't look right!10" poplar plank boardsPretty.Hard at workJim and Greg.Oak on the mill.Wheelbarrow full of stickersJim on the miter saw.Skidsteer and logsFilling the lube tank.Poplar12 inch long single, 3/4x1/4 inchShingle makingrecycled 2x6 deck joistsPutting it all back together.Figuring things out.Taking shape.Finishing up.Beautiful.Best helper ever!Hmmm...Ready to mill.My work never ends.wood slabsMy work is never ending.Yeah!!Hmmm...its plugged.milling logscutting wider boardsGetting there.Doing my part.Jim milling logs.Hard at work.5th application of Pentacrylstacked and stickers sugar maplelive edge sugar maple slabsmax out 24 inch cut widthlive edge sugar maple slabs.poplar logs ready for the mill.Logs all peeled and ready.Screwing the sides back on the log.Jim re-attaching the sides.Dry fitting the base to the planter.Log planter.blue denim pinesolar panel convertedwood slices cookingthe wood yardBirch slice cookiesDecorative use of birch slicesBlue denim pine fireplace mantleTrembling Aspen veneernice brown center stripe