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Quality Dry Firewood Year Round

As of April 29, 2024

  • We are close to being full for our production run this 2024 year. For customers looking for firewood for the upcoming 2024/2025 seasons, we strongly recommend you book your order now.
  • Green firewood is no longer available.
  • Seasoned firewood needs to be booked early.
  • Kiln dried firewood (guaranteed dry) is available year around. If you need dry firewood, contact us to book your order.
  • If you require a different length please contact us, we can custom cut for no additional charge.
  • 12″ long dry kindling is available year round.
  • Keep checking back for updates.

Prices are listed near the bottom of this page.

  • Seasoned – the firewood logs are cut to length, split, sorted and stacked into predetermined sized pallet crates to ensure accurate cubic cord measuring. The crates of firewood are then stored outdoors to season for one summer. Delivered in the fall. The drying process causes the wood volume to slightly shrink. The level of dryness is dependent on the weather.
  • Kiln dried – the firewood logs are cut to length, split, sorted and stacked in predetermined sized crates for accurate measurement and then placed in the kiln until the average moisture content sampling is averaged 20% or less. The drying process causes wood volume to shrink in size. Kiln dried hard wood is ready to burn for maximum BTU heat capability.


Prices are listed further down the page. Contact us for more information. Email or call/text 902-783-2144 with your name, address, phone number along with type of firewood, including quantity and length of stick.

Seasoned logs are not dry. There, I said it. Agree or disagree?


  • We are certified by Measurements Canada.
  • We are registered with the provincial government as a verified bulk vendor for residential energy supplies.
  • We are registered with the Salvation Army to provide residential home heating firewood delivery service for their Emergency Relief Fund program.

Available Rebates and Grants

  • Salvation Army – The Heat Fund – Maritime Division – Contact the SA for applying for the funding assistance. The HEAT Fund offers a maximum assistance in the amount of $400 for individuals and families.
  • Seniors Care Grant – The Seniors Care Grant helps low-income seniors with the cost of household services (like lawn care, snow removal, grocery delivery, transportation and small home repairs). Grants are up to $500 for each household.
  • Antigonish Emergency Fuel Fund – Similar program as the Salvation Army.
  • Pictou County Emergency Fuel Fund – Similar program as the Salvation Army.
  • Nova Scotia Your Energy Rebate Program (YERP) – Some information about how the provincial government rebates back to the you, the consumer, the provincial portion of the HST applied to your home energy supplies. Since we are already registered with the provincial government for this program, we automatically perform the rebate for you on your invoice (the same as you would see on a Nova Scotia Power utility bill).
  • Nova Scotia Heating Assistance Rebate Program (HARP)- You can apply directly to the provincial government, click on the link for more information. Rebates range from $100 to $200 and are available up to March 31 2023.
  • Nova Scotia Senior’s Property Tax Rebate – You can apply directly to the provincial government, click on the link for more information. Rebates up to $800 are available if you apply before December 31 2022.
  • Nova Scotia Help With Household Costs for Senior Care Grant – You can apply directly to the provincial government, click on the link for more information. The grant provides up to $500 in funding for eligible Nova Scotians aged 65 years and older who need help around their homes. Covered expenses include snow removal, small household repairs, lawn care, grocery delivery and other needs. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2022, and funds can be used through November 30, 2022.
  • Nova Scotia Provincial Income Tax Refund for Seniors Receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement – You can apply directly to the provincial government, click on the link for more information. If you are eligible, the amount you receive depends on how much you pay in provincial income tax that taxation year. The minimum refund is $50 and the maximum refund is $10,000.
  • Nova Scotia Seniors’ Home Energy Assistance Program – You can apply directly to the provincial government, click on the link for more information. Seniors who participate in the EnerGuide for Houses program can apply to receive a $150 rebate from the Department of Energy to cover the cost of the initial home energy audit, a provincial grant to a maximum of $1,000, and an additional $400 seniors’ grant to help pay for renovations and upgrades.
  • Financial Assistance and Grants Program – The provincial government of Nova Scotia offer grants and forgivable loans to low income households to allow for emergency repairs as well as repairs related to health and safety.
  • Home Warming – offers energy assessments of their residence and free upgrades to eligible Nova Scotians.
  • Energy Assist – Save up to $400 on energy consuming products, at the store when you purchase and long term from usage in your home.
  • Canada Greener Homes Loan Program – Borrow up to $40,000 with 0% interest to retrofit your home.


Are you able to help others in need? A few Nova Scotia organizations allow you to donate online

Compare Energy Cost to Other Forms of Heat

Here is a comparison chart we put together to show you the different consumer products that can be purchased to provide home heating.

BTU energy cost comparison chart for Nova Scotia prices as of Feb 09 2023.

But what about wood pellets?

Wood pellets can generate up to 8,300 BTU per pound. So a 40lb (18.1 kg) bag can generate 332,000 BTU. With a retail price of around $7 a bag, you would need to consume 60 bags of pellets to achieve the same BTU’s generated from one cord of air dried firewood. That’s $420.00 of pellets, plus sales tax.

Compared to kiln dried firewood (25 million BTU’s of energy), you would have to consume about 75 bags of pellets. That’s $525 of pellets, plus sales tax.

What is a cord?

A stacked cubic cord of firewood is defined as a pile of wood that measures 48 inches high x 48 inches deep x 96 inches long (128 cu ft).

A tossed (loose) cubic cord of firewood is generally defined as an unstacked (loose pile) of cut firewood 16 inches long, that is 40% more space than a stacked cord. Example, that measures 48 inches high x 48 inches deep x 135 inches long (180 cu ft) for 16 inch long split wood. 14 inch long pieces take up less space, generally about 160 cu ft.

A stacked cubic cord of firewood is equivalent to a tossed cubic cord of firewood.

cord firewood, Nova Scotia
Courtesy: Government of Canada – Measurements Canada

Hardwood Firewood, splits and rounds

We split, stack, measure and set out in the field to air dry on crated pallets that we build. Our hardwood firewood is mostly maple with a mix of some birch, ash and beech. Wood that has less than a 3″ face (smaller than 3 inches across) are usually left round (not split).

Woodstove: In general, most customers with wood stoves want 16″ long pieces of wood, split to a 6″ face or smaller. Some want 14″ length and some even as short as 12″.

Indoor Wood boilers: In general, most customers want 16″ to 20″ long pieces, split to a 9″ face or smaller.

Outdoor Wood boilers: in general, most customers want 24″ to 32″ long pieces, split to 12″ face or smaller.

We offer cutting and splitting services to accommodate your needs.

Some customers want some of their firewood left round (not split). Usually these are customers with a wood furnace. Round wood burns longer so there are less trips needed to tend to the fire.

Contact us for your specific sizing requirements.

Check the chart at the bottom of the page that shows BTU ratings for many of the wood species available in Nova Scotia.

We deliver firewood loose in the truck. The crates we use to facilitate air drying the wood. Crates can be purchased or ask us about building specific crates for your needs.

20220617_104624 aluminium bin delivering firewood 2 cord
20220617_104624 aluminium bin delivering firewood 2 cord

Drive thru firewood

Stop in and we can load up firewood stacked on pallets or you can take the wood loose in your vehicle or trailer.

Loading an aluminium flat deck trailer with palletized firewood.
Loading an aluminium flat deck trailer with palletized firewood.

Pallet crates are $30.00 each. If you return with the crates so that we can reuse them, a refund is provided so long as it is in its original condition. A 6-1/2 ft truck bed will fit two pallets. If your truck has one of those aluminum tool boxes, you will only be able to fit 32 cu ft (one pallet). A truck short bed will not stack in a 1/2 cord unless you have side boards installed to raise the height of the truck bed.

Some folks like this method of yard pick up because they don’t have the storage space to obtain a full winter’s wood. And if you are on a budget, buying your wood as you need is convenient.

For campground and seasonal cottages, we can deliver to your location whatever amount you require.

Did you know?

Firewood is heavy!

One cord of green, split hardwood weighs approximately 2,100 – 2,600 kg (4,600 – 5,700 lbs).
One cord of seasoned, split hardwood weighs approximately 1,900 kg (4,200lbs).
One cord of split firewood, kiln dried, weighs approximately 1,700kg (3,700lbs).

Each 200 kg difference is equal to 200 L, that’s a full bath tub of water.

Kiln dried firewood

We have the capability to kiln dry firewood and kindling.

Unloading kiln dried firewood, servicing all of Nova Scotia.
Unloading kiln dried firewood, servicing all of Nova Scotia.

Contact us for a booking date and quote on kiln dried firewood. Wood that is split and stacked, then dried down to an approximate 20% moisture content as seen in the video above.

Did you know?

Kiln dried firewood gives off much better heat so you don’t have to burn as much. 3/4 cord of firewood that’s been kiln dried is equivalent to 1 full cord of seasoned firewood (after 1 year air drying).

Pizza oven & Smoker fuel wood.

Pizza ovens and smokers are sensitive to split size and moisture content. Upon request, we can cut to size and kiln dry hardwood for your pizza oven to 15% moisture content. Contact us for more information.

Hand sorted, air dried, seasoned firewood

20210411 - Pre-book hardwood firewood in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.
Pre-book hardwood firewood in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. Limited storage space available.

Seasoned firewood needs to be split, stacked and air dried for several months during the summer at a minimum. Ideally for a full year. Yes, a full year, before being used. We only have limited space to air dry for some customers who don’t have that option of air drying on their own property.

In general terms, with average weather days during June, July, August and September, firewood that has been split and air drying (either stacked in crates or in piles on the ground) during that time is about ready to stack away indoors for the upcoming colder season. The firewood is somewhat dry, but not ideal for burning.

The point we are trying to get across here is that customer’s who want the best bang for their buck for heating with wood, they should plan ahead. Always be thinking 1 year in advance. There should be firewood that will be burned this year, stacked and ready. Then there should be your next year’s firewood air drying outdoors either in piles or stacked. Air flow is your friend when it comes to drying firewood.

Campfire firewood

We select each piece of firewood for quality. In the videos you will see we toss to one side the pieces we find that are lesser grade. That wood is set aside to dry. We label it as C-grade , ‘Campfire wood’, and is useable for campfires, workshop wood stoves, or even for getting your home fire going with a few pieces of kindling. It is a lesser quality so it is priced less. Still produces good heat.

C-grade firewood (campfire/cottage).
campfire hardwood

Tiny Home Firewood – hardwood ends

Firewood hardwood ends
Firewood hardwood ends

Ideal for backyard fire pits, camp stoves or even heating your home. These hardwood ends are a good fit for tiny homes that heat with a smaller wood stove. The short pieces dry quickly and burn really well. We use them in our own home. Load from the crate or we can load the crate and its contents onto your truck or trailer. A crate deposit fee refund upon return (mentioned earlier).

Softwood firewood

Softwood firewood for sale in Antigonish County.
Softwood firewood for sale in Antigonish County.

Softwood firewood is a great way to get your fire started. If you are looking for that snap, crackle and popping sound for your campfire, this is the wood you want to burn.

Slab wood 8-12 ft long

8ft and random length slab wood.,
8ft and random length slab wood.

Softwood and hardwood slabs, sawmill cut offs and misc pieces in varying rates of dryness.

Kindling – softwood and hardwood

Air dried and kiln dried bags of kindling 12 inches long.

12 inch long Firewood kindling for sale.

Payments accepted

  1. Cash on delivery prior to unloading.
  2. Etransfer to our email, payment must be received required prior to delivery.
  3. Credit card Visa or Mastercard payments are subject to a 3% convenience fee, payment confirmation prior to delivery.

Firewood Prices per 128 cu ft (delivery extra)

Effective May 01, 2024.

TypePrice per cordUnitNotes
“Stacked & Seasoned”$295.00 ($75/crate)128 cu ft*Processed, stacked and seasoned in our yard. Delivered now or to you later in the year. Limited storage space available.
“Kiln Dried”*$395.00 ($100/crate)128 cu ft then kiln dried*Available year round. Ready to burn any time of year.
Campfire$236.00 ($60/crate)128 cu ft*Lower quality hardwood. Dryness depends on inventory on hand.
Slabs$25.0064 cu ftA pick up truck is approximately same at 64 cu ft. Mostly softwood.
Cut slabs$30.00 per crate20 cu ftMixed species, mostly softwood, cut 12 inches long, stacked in crates. Use as is or split for kindling.
Kindling, kiln dried$7.000.75 to 1 cu ft netted bagReady to use.
Softwood$236.00 ($60/crate)128 cu ft*May require additional time to dry depending on inventory on hand.
Hardwood ends$1.50 cu ftSold by the cubic foot because crate sizes vary in size.Short ends and odd pieces of hardwood. May require additional time to dry depending on inventory on hand.

* Wood is stacked to be 128 cu ft that is then dried, resulting in a small loss of overall volume due to drying effects.


Videos on our YouTube channel:


Storage crates available. We can custom build to your needs.

Custom firewood crates. Made to order.
Custom firewood crates, each hold 32 cu ft of stacked firewood.

If you have any questions about measuring firewood or ensuring you got what you paid for, please consult the following resources:

A Guide to Buying and Measuring Stacked Firewood
Buying Firewood? Don’t get burned.

Firewood Weights, Energy and Drying Times for Air Dried Seasoned Wood.

Listing native trees found in Nova Scotia. Weight refer to average weight per 128 cu ft (one stacked cord). mBTU refers to ‘thousand British Thermal Units’, a scale of energy given off by burning one cord of wood. Months to dry is the average drying time, site conditions will vary.

It’s worth noting that kiln dried firewood offers up to 25% more BTU’s than that generated from air dried seasoned hardwood.

Common nameSpecieGreen (Fresh Cut) WeightmBTUdry time (months)
Alder, SpeckledAlnus incanan/an/an/a
Ash, BlackFraxinus nigraProtected specie in Nova Scotia
Ash, WhiteFraxinus americana3,400 (62,000BTU/100lb)21.112
Aspen, LargetoothSee Poplar
Aspen, TremblingPopulus tremuloides2,21013.712
Basswood (Linden)Tilia americana2,21013.712
Beech, AmericanFagus grandifolia3,65522.712
Birch, GrayBetula populifolia3,14519.512
Birch, WhiteBetula papyrifera3,2302024
Birch, YellowBetula alleghaniensis3,57022.124
Butternut (White Walnut)Juglans cinerea2,12513.212
Cedar, Eastern (Red cedar)Juniperus virginiana1,95512.16
Cedar, White (Northern White cedar)Thuja occidentalis1,87011.66
Cherry, BlackPrunus serotina3,14519.512
Cherry, PinPrunus pensylvanican/an/an/a
ChokecherryPrunus virginianan/an/an/a
Elm, WhiteUlmus americana2,97518.418
Fir, BalsamAbies balsamea2,12513.26
Hackamatack(see Poplar, Balsam)
Hemlock, EasternTsuga canadensisn/an/an/a
Ironwood (Hop Hornbeam)Ostrya virginiana4,25026.424
Juniper(see tamarack)
Larch(see tamarack)
Locust, Blackn/an/a28.124
Maple, RedAcer rubrum3,2302012
Maple, SilverAcer saccharinum2,80517.412
Maple, StripedAcer pensylvanciumn/an/an/a
Maple, SugarAcer saccharum3,74023.218
Oak, Bur (Mossycup)Quercus macrocarpa3,65522.736
Oak, RedQuercus rubra3,57022.136
Pine, Jack (Princess pine, Scrub pine, Grey pine)Pinus banksiana2,38014.86
Pine, Red (Norway pine, Bull pine)Pinus resinosa2,89017.86
Pine, WhitePinus strobus2,12513.26
Poplar (American Aspen)Populus tremuloides2,21013.712
Poplar (Cottonwood)Populus trichocarpa2,04012.612
Poplar, BalsamPopulus balsamiferan/an/an/a
ServiceberryAmelanchier canadensisn/an/an/a
Spruce, BlackPicea mariana2,46515.312
Spruce, RedPicea rubensn/an/an/a
Spruce, WhitePicea glaucan/an/an/a
SumacRhus hirtan/an/an/a
TamarackLarix laricina3,14519.512
WillowSalix nigra2,29514.236


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