Firewood Supplies

We cut, split, sort and stack the firewood into predetermined sized pallet crates to ensure accurate cubic cord measuring. The crates of firewood are then set aside to dry. The drying process causes wood to shrink slightly.

A stacked cubic cord of firewood is defined as a pile of wood that measures 48 inches high x 48 inches deep x 96 inches long (128 cu ft).

A tossed cubic cord of firewood is defined as a pile of wood that measures 48 inches high x 48 inches deep x 135 inches long (180 cu ft).

A stacked cubic cord of firewood is equal to a tossed cubic cord of firewood.

cord firewood, Nova Scotia
Courtesy: Government of Canada – Measurements Canada

Hardwood Firewood, splits and rounds

We split, stack, measure and set out in the field to air dry on crated pallets that we build.

drive through firewood sales, kindling, sawmilling lumber, bi product, waste management, reducing, recycling, reusing, Loch katrine, Antiogonish County, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia
32 cu ft pallets of firewood, stacked and measured.

Drive thru firewood

firewood sales, Antigonish County
New Year’s Even yard pick up of our split maple firewood.

Stop in with your truck and we can load up firewood stacked on pallets.

32 cu ft spit firewood: as low as $65.00 (for green), load and go with pallet crate: $75.00

Pallet crates are $10.00 and a refund of $5 per pallet crate is provided upon return of the pallet. A 6-1/2 ft truck bed will fit two pallets. If your truck has one of those aluminum tool boxes, you will only be able to fit 32 cu ft (one pallet). A short bed will not fit a 1/2 cord unless you want to put 20 or so pieces in the cab of your truck.

Some folks like this method of yard pick up because they don’t have the storage space to obtain a full winter’s wood. And if you are on a budget, buying your wood as you need it is helpful.

For campground and seasonal cottages, we can deliver to your location whatever amount you require. We can even offload and re-stack the wood for a small fee.

Tossed cord delivery – green firewood

Fresh cut firewood.

Firewood cut and split straight from the log. 128 cu ft: $220.00. Delivery extra.

Tossed cord delivery – seasoned firewood

Seasoned firewood.
Nova Scotia seasoned firewood.

Firewood that’s been seasoned at least 3 months. 128 cu ft: $240.00. Delivery extra.

Kiln dried firewood

We also have the capability to kiln dry firewood and kindling.

Contact us for a booking date and quote on kiln dried firewood. 128 cu ft of Split and stacked firewood, that is then dried down to 20% moisture content (as seen in the video above): $340.00. Delivery extra.

Softwood Kindling U-Pick (Yard Price)

16 and 12 inch long Firewood kindling for sale.

Arm load (1 cubic foot): Better pricing available for larger quantities.

1 – 50 bags $7.00 ea.

51 – 99 bags $6.00 ea.

100+ bags $5.00 ea.

12 and 16 inch long kindling for sale.

Bagged firewood – ideal for camping

bagged firewood, campfire wood, Nova Scotia, Loch katrine, Antigonish County
Bagged campfire wood available by order only. 1 cubic foot volume. 12 inch and 16 inch lengths.


Firewood hardwood ends

Ideal for backyard fire pits. Or even use in your home or cottage. In 1/2 cord crates, available when we have it. $85 each. Sold out but we’re working on another one.

Firewood ends, firewood sales, Nova Scotia
Firewood ends


Contact us for a delivery quote. Email or call 902-783-2144.


We can stack your wood for a fee.


Storage crates available. We can custom build to your needs.

HST not included in above prices.

Credit card payments are subject to a 3% convenience fee.

Quality First and Foremost.

We select each piece of firewood for quality. In the videos below you will see we toss to one side the pieces we find that are rotten or punky. That wood is set aside to dry. We label it as ‘campfire wood’ and is useable for campfires, workshop wood stoves, or even for getting your home fire going with a few pieces of kindling.

Camp Firewood

For your cottage or camp or outdoor fire pit. Lower quality grade.

32 cu ft camp firewood $50.00, 128 cu ft $185. SOLD OUT

‘campfire wood’ – low grade firewood


See more of our videos on our YouTube channel:

If you have any questions about measuring firewood or ensuring you got what you paid for, please consult the following resources:

A Guide to Buying and Measuring Stacked Firewood
Buying Firewood? Don’t get burned.

Firewood Weights, Energy and Drying Times

Listing native trees found in Nova Scotia. Weight refer to average weight per 128 cu ft (one stacked cord). mBTU refers to ‘thousand British Thermal Units’, a scale of energy given off by burning one cord of wood. Months to dry is the average drying time, site conditions will vary.

Common nameSpecieWeightmBTUdry time (months)
Alder, SpeckledAlnus incanan/an/an/a
Ash, BlackFraxinus nigraProtected specie in Nova Scotia
Ash, WhiteFraxinus americana3,40021.112
Aspen, LargetoothSee Poplar
Aspen, TremblingPopulus tremuloides2,21013.712
Basswood (Linden)Tilia americana2,21013.712
Beech, AmericanFagus grandifolia3,65522.712
Birch, GrayBetula populifolia3,14519.512
Birch, WhiteBetula papyrifera3,2302024
Birch, YellowBetula alleghaniensis3,57022.124
Butternut (White Walnut)Juglans cinerea2,12513.212
Cedar, Eastern (Red cedar)Juniperus virginiana1,95512.16
Cedar, White (Northern White cedar)Thuja occidentalis1,87011.66
Cherry, BlackPrunus serotina3,14519.512
Cherry, PinPrunus pensylvanican/an/an/a
ChokecherryPrunus virginianan/an/an/a
Elm, WhiteUlmus americana2,97518.418
Fir, BalsamAbies balsamea2,12513.26
Hackamatack(see Poplar, Balsam)
Hemlock, EasternTsuga canadensisn/an/an/a
Ironwood (Hop Hornbeam)Ostrya virginiana4,25026.424
Juniper(see tamarack)
Larch(see tamarack)
Maple, RedAcer rubrum3,2302012
Maple, SilverAcer saccharinum2,80517.412
Maple, StripedAcer pensylvanciumn/an/an/a
Maple, SugarAcer saccharum3,74023.218
Oak, Bur (Mossycup)Quercus macrocarpa3,65522.736
Oak, RedQuercus rubra3,57022.136
Pine, Jack (Princess pine, Scrub pine, Grey pine)Pinus banksiana2,38014.86
Pine, Red (Norway pine, Bull pine)Pinus resinosa2,89017.86
Pine, WhitePinus strobus2,12513.26
Poplar (American Aspen)Populus tremuloides2,21013.712
Poplar (Cottonwood)Populus trichocarpa2,04012.612
Poplar, BalsamPopulus balsamiferan/an/an/a
ServiceberryAmelanchier canadensisn/an/an/a
Spruce, BlackPicea mariana2,46515.312
Spruce, RedPicea rubensn/an/an/a
Spruce, WhitePicea glaucan/an/an/a
SumacRhus hirtan/an/an/a
TamarackLarix laricina3,14519.512
WillowSalix nigra2,29514.236


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