Blade Sharpening Service

Sawmill Blade Sharpening Service
We sharpen portable sawmill blades. Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.

Saw mill blade setting and sharpening service for the smaller, stationary and portable sawmills using standard 10º, 9º, 7º and 4º profiles. Our equipment uses oil cooled CBN wheels for accurate, sharp profile work. We cover brands including Woodmizer, Norwood, Hudson, SMG Champion, Woodland Mills, Lenox, Timbry, Monk, Baker, etc.

Cost: $10 per blade (includes taxes).

Clean blades: Blades should be cleaned before sending them. Rusty blades or blades with pitch built up on them that require a wire wheel put to them, will be charged a $3 cleaning fee per blade.

To maintain the integrity of the steel on your blades, when they come off your mill, give them a cleaning and wipe them down with some mineral oil or engine oil. Any oil will do really. Damp a rag with the fluid, wipe the blade on both sides as you pass it through your fingers.

Inspect your blades at this time and note any cracks, bends or broken teeth. A cracked blade might as well go in the toss pile. A bent blade could possibly be fixed. If your blade is missing a couple teeth, that doesn’t affect the performance too much based on the feedback I’ve gotten when we sharpen teeth with some tooth damage. I’ve sharpened blades that up to 8 teeth missing. Having said that, a lot depends on the amount damage.

When you are done your inspection put the blades in your pile to be sharpened.

Discounts: Repeat customers receive a 10% discount.

Turn-around time: Typically 1-3 days.

Same day service: While-you-wait service also available if you are in a tight spot! Call us in advance to arrange a time.

How to Ship: You can drop off your blades yourself. We’re always interested in talking with our customers to see how things are going. Or you can ship the blades to us using courier or post office. A box of 10 blades typically cost $25-$28 to ship within the Maritimes. Most customers pack up their blades in one of two methods (shown further below), that being either flat pack or coil packed. Note in the coil back how the blades are placed back to back, then separated with cardboard or thin plywood. The flat pack boxes are great for storage and transport.

Shipping back to you: Payment is required prior to shipping the blades back to you. We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and e-transfer.

If you have other profile requests please contact us first for availability.

We sell Ripper37 sawmill blades. Some blades in stock. Discount on purchase of 10 or more. We ship your order direct from the factory to save you time and money. Contact Jim for a quote.

Putting on a new blade.
A custom flat pack box. Keep your blades safe during storage and transport.
Ten blades per flat pack box. Panel slides in place. Sliding panel no longer made, broke easily. So instead the panel is now simply screwed on.
Keep it together! 🙂