We love stacking firewood!

Who likes stacking firewood?

We do! It’s great exercise. Outdoors in the fresh air on a cool day with a bit of a breeze, which is almost every day between September and April.

Normally firewood is delivered in a big loose pile in your driveway or yard. You are then left to stack it yourself. Here is an idea to make it easier. Get yourself some crates, metal or wooden, and bring them to us. We will stack your firewood in your crates for no extra cost!

Firewood stacking services offered in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia.
Splitting large diameter maple firewood logs.

We also sell wooden crates and we can build them to the size you want. The firewood crates usually featured on our web site hold 32 cu ft which is 1/4 of a cord. The average weight is approximately 1,000 to 1,100 lbs per crate when full.

A Newfoundland born Canadian with a life long interest in woodworking, baking and anything else that peaks my curiosity.

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