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Operation Tree Removal

When the land was cleared for us to build our house, not many trees were saved. There is one beauty but it is on the other side of the house. So we dug up three young birch trees on our property and replanted them with fingers crossed.

That was pre-grass as well.

Fast forward 15 years and we have these very large birch trees and everything has filled in nicely.

Landscaping around the home.
Big difference.

Scroll back and compare the pine tree from when it was first planted. It’s every bit of 20-25 ft tall. Crazy.

The birch tree on the lawn is staying but we decided that the two closest to the house are going to have to come down. A few reasons. The biggest reason is the one nearest the house is actually touching the house now. Then there are the roots. Also the leaves in the fall drop right onto my flower beds. So… many… leaves. This fall we raked up about 6 wheelbarrows full just from those 2 trees.

We decided to take down the one closest to the house first. Jim loves any excuse to get the chainsaw out.

First cut.


There it goes!
One down…one to go.

The quickest way to clean up. (Don’t mind my thumb. Ha.)

Skid steer to the rescue.

Again with the thumb…

Heading out back.

We carried it out back and got to work cutting off the branches.

Clean up.

Blocked it up, and stacked to dry.

Growing our own firewood.

We decided to just take the one down for now but I’m pretty sure #2 is gonna face the same fate this weekend or else there will still be 3 wheelbarrows of leaves to rake next fall. Just need to let my brain adjust to things looking so different for a bit. And cause you know, once it is cut there is no going back.


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