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Baby Name Wood Sign

A friend contacted Jim with regards to having her baby’s name cut from wood. Fun. We’ve done one other baby name in wood. Remember baby Ruby? Here is how this one went down.

The first few fonts sent to us were very scrolly. Very pretty and girly but this name sign is going in the mail so we had to pick a font with a little thicker lines. Jim started on the computer sizing the lettering for the name and printed it out on paper.

baby name,cheyenne,baby sign,wood sign,crafts,scroll saw,
Lots of letters.

It measures around 31 inches in length. Perfect because we have stock of 36 inch boxes. See…planning ahead.

With the name situated on the board and taped in place, Jim drilled small holes in the Y and E’s for the scroll saw blade to fit through, then cut those out first.

baby name,cheyenne,baby sign,wood sign,crafts,scroll saw,
Scroll saw in motion!

With that he was off to the races. When cutting out with the scroll saw, this is what the back looks like when finished.

baby name,cheyenne,baby sign,wood sign,crafts,scroll saw,
Back of the sign.

And you know what that means…sanding. Lots of hand sanding.

Here is the finished sign cut out.

baby name,cheyenne,baby sign,wood sign,crafts,scroll saw,
Wood name sign.

Here is the sad news. So sad. I may have shed a tear, sad. No paint!! The Mom-to-be wanted to paint it herself. Can’t blame her. If you are reading this post, the baby has been born and now has a wood name sign hanging in her room. Maybe her Mom will send us a picture of it painted. If she does, I’ll be sure to show you.

UPDATE!!!!! Hey good news, there has been a change of plans. She decided she has enough to baby on the way and all…and wants it painted. White!! I’m on it.

baby name,cheyenne,baby sign,wood sign,crafts,scroll saw,
White paint!

We went with spray paint for this project, and it took a few thin coats with sanding in between coats.

baby sign,wood sing,wood name sign,crafts,painting,scroll saw,
All painted!!

Welcome to the world baby Cheyenne.


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  • Jenny Mackinnon

    Hey Jim and Gina I absolutely love this write up and I’ll be sure to show her where ot came from. I know with the short notice that I gave you and you were unsure if it would be done in time. I was over joyed whe I received the msg saying it was already started and then the picture of it done I’m happy tk say I am very pleased by the quick response to receive such an amazing gift from her..

    Thanks again!

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