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So Many Maps…So Little Time

If you’ve been reading along on our scroll saw map making journey, you know we love a good wooden map project. We’ve been busy this spring. Between cutting, splitting, stacking, delivering firewood, cutting lumber on the sawmill, plus our regular jobs and life…we have been busy with map projects of all types. They say variety is the spice of life. Don’t know who ‘they’ are, I think ‘they’ are on to something.

To start, we made this map of Nova Scotia with a tartan background. It sold the same day and the picture was added to Previous Works section of our site. People browse our For Sale Gallery and also our Previous Works section to see what strikes their fancy.

20210327 Wood map Nova Scotia with Tartan
Wood Map of Nova Scotia No.20210327 (SOLD)

Someone browsing the previous works section spotted the above map and we were asked to make a matching set, one for the buyer and one for her to send to her sister in Florida.

A mating set of Nova Scotia tartan wood maps. #20210516, size about 32x16" each. (SOLD)
A mating set of Nova Scotia tartan wood maps. #20210516, size about 32×16″ each. (SOLD)

Another request was for 2 maps with natural back boards and maps painted black. One Prince Edward Island, and one of Nova Scotia.

20210228 Wood Map PEI (SOLD)
#20210228 Wood Map PEI
20210328 Wood Map Nova Scotia (SOLD)
#20210328 Wood Map Nova Scotia (SOLD)

We were contacted by a customer wanting three small maps the same with weathered back boards and a white map of Cape Breton on each. I think they are for gifts. With travel restrictions in place in our province right now, she can’t travel to pick them up until restrictions are lifted. Holding them for her until then.

wood map of cape breton
Then there were three!!!

Next up we got a request for a small map of Nova Scotia and another of Prince Edward Island. She chose the colors after browsing our site.

PEI and NS wood maps.
PEI and NS wood maps.

She loved them so much she put in another request for the same style only Newfoundland this time.

wood map Newfoundland
Wood map of Newfoundland

She ordered a 4th item, with Cape Breton and Newfoundland on the same map and a corded wire connecting the two for a gift.

Cape Breton and Newfoundland.
Cape Breton and Newfoundland.

Lastly, we had a request for a large 24 x 24 inch framed map of Cape Breton with Cape Breton tartan in behind. Love the combination of the grey weathered boards and green tartan. This one included a wood burning on the back done by my sister. With travel restrictions still in place this one is going out in the mail. The wood burned message on the back was a personal request by the client, who wishes to keep the message private, so we won’t be showing it here. But here’s the map!

24 x 24 inch wood map of Cape Breton
24 x 24 inch wood map of Cape Breton

One more order yet to fill, two Newfoundland crib boards.

Well there you have it, that’s what we’ve been up to this spring. Have a request? I’m sure we could fit it in…you know…between life and firewood.


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