20210329 Wood map of Nova Scotia
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Spalted Birch – before and after

Sometimes even those insignificant pieces of wood can be made into some nice. Case in point, these two boards are an example of what you can start with. Wood that was destined for the fireplace, but that spalted grain just spoke to me 🙂

There’s not a whole lot to this story really. It’s simply a little before and after of 2 boards, a bit of painting supplies and some time. The boards had to get planed, trimmed and sized. Next up was the scroll saw cutting of the map. Then some spray finish and black paint, which seems a good choice to go with the features of the spalted birch. One of a kind really, even Mother Nature might have a hard time duplicating it.

Here’s the before.

And you’ve seen the after at the start of this post, here’s another picture.

20210329 Wood map of Nova Scotia
20210329 Wood map of Nova Scotia

I have a couple more boards similar to this. I think I will make a few more in hopes they sell.

See ya later!

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