Wood map of Scotland
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Large Map Of Scotland

No better way to start of the new year than making a large map. This time it is a map of Scotland and it is going to be shipped to….yup, Scotland.

We were contacted by a gentleman wanting a wood map of Scotland measuring a little less than 36 x 36 inches. After a few emails back and forth, we learned it is for his Whiskey room so he can put pins in where distilleries are located. Cool right?

The map is to be cut out of weathered boards, mounted on a backer board and framed.

Here is the map pattern we printed out for cutting.

wood maps,map of Scotland,diy,woodworking,
Map of Scotland.

Oh, and he wants the small outlying islands as well.

Time to get busy. First up…getting the weather boards ready to make a panel for the map.

Jim had to cut the boards to approximately 1/2 inch in thickness so they would be easier to cut through on the scroll saw, while still giving it dimension.

wood maps,map of Scotland,diy,woodworking,
wood maps,map of Scotland,diy,woodworking,
Weathered boards ready to go.

The sides were squared up on the jointer.

wood maps,map of Scotland,diy,woodworking,
Squaring the sides.

Then glued and clamped.

wood maps,map of Scotland,diy,woodworking,
And so it begins.

Once the glue was set up, we did a sanding of the panel, while keeping the weathered appearance.

wood map of Scotland,scotland map,crafts,woodworking,diy
It is not going to sand itself!!

For this map and all its small parts, we had to do things a little different. The frame and backer board had to be cut out, painted and assembled first. Check. You will understand why as we go along. Here they are not yet assembled. They were also painted in the house because out here in the shop, it rarely got about 5ÂșC.

wood map of Scotland,scotland map,crafts,woodworking,diy
Can you see the ocean?

The customer wanted the mainland portion of Scotland to be a certain size, and the frame under 3 feet, but still include islands that are a little farther from the mainland. With keeping everything to scale and all in one frame, it would have been huge, so the consensus was to place the Northern Isles (Orkney and Shetland Islands) in a separate frame.

When we printed out the map, we printed two. One to use for cutting out the map, and the other as a guide for placing the islands.

wood map of Scotland,scotland map,crafts,woodworking,diy
Cutting the Mainland.

It was tricky in spots because the scroll saw has a 16 inch reach. No problem. Turn it off, re-adjust the map, turn it on, keep scrolling.

wood map of Scotland,scotland map,crafts,woodworking,diy
Lots of detail.

And with that we were off to the races. Mainland Scotland was all cut out.

wood map of Scotland,scotland map,crafts,woodworking,diy
Lots more cutting to do.

In order to keep track of all the small parts, after each piece was cut out and given a light sanding, it was glued into place using the second print out of the map for reference.

map of scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
Placing the small islands.
map of scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
See all the tiny islands.

The small frame included two sets of islands, the nickel is there for size reference…

map of scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
Pretty cool.

And this set…

map of scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
Set 2.

Another picture of some of the small islands in the large frame…

wood map of Scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
Looks awesome.

Here are the two maps together…

map of scotland,wood map,scroll saw,diy
Map of Scotland.

Now to get out the bubble wrap. Lots of bubble wrap. Fingers crossed this makes it to Scotland in a timely manner and in one piece. Looking at you Canada Post.



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