Strawberry vanilla pudding jelly roll.

Jelly roll time

Jelly roll has been on the agenda for a couple weeks now. 🙂 It has been many years since having made one and we didn’t have a recipe.

We’ve made quite a few in our former baking career, back in the days before cell phones and the Internet. 🙂 We’d slice and decorate many of the jelly rolls to look like logs. Generally, we only made them during Christmas.

So the first step was to find a recipe. Its always a gamble using a recipe off of the Internet, so the first thing I look for is the number of reviews a recipe has received. Then take a look at the receipt itself.

This one at had potential so I gave it a go. The only ingredient I did not have was 2% milk. We only drink skim milk here. But there is some prepared whipped topping in the fridge, so a combination of both should provide a suitable replacement.

We didn’t take any photos this time. Instead we took video for most of the parts. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, drop us a line below.

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