DIY door hanger.
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DIY Door Hanger

If a project calls for wood and paint, I’m in. Could do it all day every day. I call this a door hanger but it can also hang on the wall and will from time to time.

Taking a measurement from another wreath we made, I decided on 15 inches for the circle. In the workshop I traced a circle onto thin plywood and cut it out on the bandsaw, and I still have 10 fingers.

DIY door hanger.
So far…so good.
DIY door hanger.
Ta da!

I sanded it by hand, mainly around the edges and brought it in the house to start the finishing process.

I taped off an offset stripe using painters tape, making sure the edges of the tape were stuck on good so no stain would seep underneath.

DIY door hanger.
Ready for stain.

Used a clean cloth to apply Early American stain to the center portion and the sides as well.

DIY door hanger.

Time for paint. The top and bottom were painted black….

DIY door hanger.
1/2 way there.

I also decided to paint a thin white stripe on the bottom portion of the black.

You could paint any words on it you wish, like Merry Christmas, Welcome etc. I didn’t want to only use it at Christmas time so decided to go with our last name.

DIY door hanger.
Ready to trace.

With the white stripe added, I decided to do the lettering in white as well.

DIY door hanger.
Slow and steady.

Next up…the bow. I already had wired burlap ribbon on hand so I started with that. Seemed a little flat so picked up some black and white checkered ribbon to add interest, and added a thin black ribbon glued to the back for a hanger.

DIY door hanger.
Glue gun for the win.

Here is the final bow with a little faux greenery added to the sides.

DIY door hanger.

Some of the time it will hang on the wall by the front door…

DIY door hanger.

Other times it will hang on the door, where it is right now…

DIY door hanger.
No mistaking who lives here now.
DIY door hanger.
Easy to make.

Now you know how to make one for yourself, or I could make one for you, just sayin.


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