DIY Horseshoe sign.
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Horse Stall Sign

Are you a horse person? Cows and horses kinda freak me out. I think it is their size and the fact that I’m not around them much. Sheep too. And some dogs. Hmmm I starting to see a pattern.

Back to the sign… our neighbour Julie has a horse that she boards in town and she asked us to make a sign for her horse’s stall a while back. I don’t think we did a post on that project but here is the first sign we made.

diy horse stall sign
Horse sign #1.

Then she asked us to make one for a young girl who boards her horse at the same place. She said the girl loves all things pink and sparkly. We can do pink and sparkly.

Julie dropped off another set of horseshoes that belong to the girl and we got to work making the sign. First up, pink. We gave the horseshoes two coats of pink spray paint in the workshop.

DIY Horseshoe sign.
She did say pink.

After the third coat was applied and still wet, we went to town on the sprinkles using silver first…

DIY Horseshoe sign.
Silver sparkles.

…then adding iridescent flakes, by hand.

DIY Horse shoe sign.
Sparkles everywhere…literally.

We let that dry overnight, then Jim brushed off the loose pieces and gave it a clear coat.

DIY Horse shoe sign.
So pretty.

For the board, Jim cut and sanded the board to the size we needed and I gave it a coat of Early American using a cloth.

Once dry, it was time for the horse’s name, Lacey. On the computer we picked a girly type font and printed it out, and traced it onto the board.

DIY Horse shoe sign.
Ready to trace.

Time for paint!! I chose black for the lettering and after a few short minutes had the name painted.

DIY Horse shoe sign.

Back out in the workshop we added solid brass hooks to the top for hanging and used black wrought iron nails to attach the horseshoes to the board.


DIY Horse shoe sign.
Lacey is a lucky horse.

Julie sent along a few pictures of the signs in place. First up a picture of Mr. Moustache.

Mr. Moustache
Mr. Moustache

Have you ever seen a horse with an actual moustache…

Mr. Moustache

And sign #1 in place…

Mr. Moustache sign.
Looks great.

Here is Lacey…

horse sign diy

And Lacey’s sign…

horse sign diy

On to the next project. Hope it involves wood and paint. Ha…of course it will.


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