2020-Nov 07 Sawmill slabs out for delivery.
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With our skidsteer still down for track repairs, we have to keep moving with deliveries.

Skidsteer MTL CAT 2257B2 rebuild
CAT 257B2 MTL rebuild

The week before last we were installing new tracks on the skid steer when we noticed some other issues with the undercarriage. So everything was stripped down to see what needs maintenance and repairs. Parts are on order and will be in next week.

The skidsteer, along with the grapple attachment, does all of the heavy lifting in the work yard. With the machine down, its really drove home the fact just how much we rely on it for doing our saw milling and firewood work.

The show must go on though. Yesterday afternoon we were moving some 8 x 8 x 16ft timbers to the mill to resew and while Gina was carrying one end, she tripped and the beam landed on her shin just below the knee. Lucky. Very lucky indeed she did not break her leg.

Keep the ice on it and medicine bottle close by 🙂

That doesn’t seem to stop her though. This morning we are preparing for a 6 load delivery of sawmill slabs, along with a dozen 2x8x16ft timbers. Gina is right there alongside, slinging slabs into the back of the truck. Can’t keep a good woman down, that’s for sure.

2020-Nov 07 Sawmill slabs out for delivery.
2020-Nov 07 Sawmill slabs out for delivery.

The truck’s loaded. Time for a little break on this mild November weekend, enjoy a coffee and cinnamon roll. Then hit the road somewhere along the coast in northeastern Nova Scotia.

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