DL Timber Tech 180º swing blade mill.
Milling Lumber

Initial test cut of a D&L Timber Tech 180º Swing Blade Saw Mill

Our D&L Timber Tech 180º swing blade saw mill arrived in late March. I think it was March. Anyway, its been a while. Just finding some time to get it set up and now at the stage of fine tuning the kerf cut in vertical and horizontal planes.

I’ve got several big old pine logs to practise on that have been in the yard for a couple years now. After removing the top slag from the log, its time to make some horizontal cuts to see if the blade needs some tweaking.

D&L Swing Blade 180º
A slight adjustment needed.

No surprise, most saws need to be adjusted upon setup.

Next up, cut a 1×4 board and see what comes off the log.

4 inch wide board test cut, needs a 5/16 inch adjustment to the kerf measureing.
1 inch thick board test cut.

Here’s a 5 minute video while doing the test cuts.

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