Rural mail box installation.

Mailbox replacement

The snow plow knocked down the mailbox for a final time. It was a brand new metal mail box that we installed for Gina’s mom last year. Flatten more than once, I straightened it each time, only this final time it broke off the flag as well. Time to try something else.

The green plastic mailboxes are popular in our area. I can only assume that they are for a reason. Sturdy. Seems to be the case because its rare that one is broken along the side of the road.

First thing we had to do was buy a mail box, which was available at the local Canadian Tire store. We grabbed a 4×4 piece of hemlock from the lumber pile and trimmed it down to 3-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches, by 5ft long.

Next up, time to dig the hole.

Post hole digger.

This post hole shovel is a Garant brand. If you didn’t know, Garant is a Canadian made product line of home and garden tools. They cost more than the standard tools you’d find on store shelves but they are very well built. You get what you pay for.

We didn’t get too many photos of this little job today. Too focused on the task at hand. While I shovel the hole out, Gina used a long length of steel bar to break up the dirt at the bottom of the hole.

With the post in the hole and Gina’s monitoring the level, I packed the hole and mounted the base of the mail box. A couple minutes later the top piece was added on and we set about putting the civic number in place on both sides. The mail box comes with plenty of peel and stick numbers.

All done in about 30 minutes.

Road side mail box installation.

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