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“Refined” Stump Table

I know, I know, using the words refined and stump table together is kinda strange. But I didn’t want a round hunk of a log with the bark peeled off just sitting on the floor as a side table. This one from Wayfair is selling for $499.00 and you can even make monthly payments if you wish!! Who buys this stuff.

stump table
Wayfair Stump Table

But I digress…back to our project. You see, Jim has a favourite chair. You know the one, directly across from the TV. The one with no accompanying table. Every chair needs a spot for snacks and beverages. We decided it needed to be small and thought a stump table would be perfect. Only we wanted it to be square instead of round.

We started at the mill. Where all good projects start. It was a mild January morning with only a dusting of snow on the ground. Good a day as any, and on the mill we began with this log.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill

We started by cutting slabs of each side, working our way around the log.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Turning the log.

Finally we ended up with a square log.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Looking good.

After measuring, we concluded we could get 3 tables out of this one log. I wanted our finished table to land somewhere around 24 – 25 inches tall.

We measured and marked the log into 3 lengths and got out the circular saw and followed the line all the way around the log.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Starting with the circular saw.

Of course the depth of the blade wasn’t enough to go all the way through so Jim had to use his muscles and a hand saw to cut out the very center.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Finishing up by hand.

Next up was doing some extra cuts with the circular saw to give the stump table a hidden base. We measured in one inch all the way around the bottom as well as one inch up each side.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Measuring for the base.

Then with the circular saw set at one inch depth, Jim follow all the lines all the way around giving us a base that would be slightly inset.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Hope this works.

It worked like a charm!!

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Then there were three!

If you must know…on our first attempt at making the base we made it too high. I think we used 2 1/2 inches.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
See the difference.

Not a problem. We just cut the base down to one inch and it was much better. Haven’t decided yet if I will paint that base black so it disapears or leave it natural.

Then it was time to go into the workshop and start the “refinement” process. We got out the grinding tool with a sandpaper disk and Jim did a few passes over the top to get rid of any marks left by the circular saw and hand saw.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
So far so good.

Then we used the same tool to ease all of the edges.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Easing the edges slightly.

We dusted them off and brought them in the house to start the long drying process.

DIY stump tables,milling logs,sawmill
Hurry up and dry!!

There are lots of snapping noises coming from them as they dry and overnight they started developing cracks character. The more character the better I say. I’ll be sure to update this post once they are dry enough to sand and finish. Not sure yet if there will be stain involved or just poly. Time will tell.


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