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Pine for wood carving

Carving pine wood form large logs.
stacked and ready to pick up

A group of Cape Breton wood carvers were looking for some big pine for carving. We were happy to help out.

First up was the largest pine log we had, a 24″ wide (18″ on the small end).

Custom cutting a pine log with the saw mill.
Rolling a pine log.

Cut and turn.

Saw milling a 14x14" pine cant.
Squaring up to make a cant.
Sawmilling in Antigonish County Nova Scotia Canada
Making the 3rd pass.

One more turn.

Sawmilling in northeastern Nova Scitua, Antigonish and Guysborough County, Nova Scotia.
Rolling a pine cant.

Just about done. A quick review to cut off an inch board to make the 14×14 cant. Deciding on which side of the cant to cut the board from. A quick 180ยบ roll over and we’ll be done.

Sawmilling logs and custom cuts.
Almost ready to take off the saw mill.

All done, a 14 x 14 inch pine cant.

Sawmilling large pine logs in Nova Scotia.
Time to pick up and put onto a pallet.

Stacked and stickered onto a pallet.

Sawmilling in northern Nova Scotia, Antigonish County.
14×14 pine cant now ready for pick up.

Also included are a few 8 inch thick live edge and a couple 6 inch thick live edge pine slabs.

Carving pine wood form large logs.
stacked and ready to pick up

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