Drop Cloth Wreath

I’ve been browsing Pinterest again. I came across a drop cloth wreath, went to check out the tutorial, and went down a rabbit hole. Long story short… I decided I needed one of those in my life.

How to make your own drop cloth wreath.
Drop cloth wreath.

To start with the instructions were vague at best, but who needs instructions anyways. I could have ordered the proper wire wreath form but who needs a proper wire wreath form anyways. Not me.

I headed out to the workshop and grabbed some chicken wire at Jims suggestion. I rolled it once around and cut it off tucking in any sharp pieces. I then took the two ends and joined them together twisting the wires together until it was good and sturdy. I just shaped and flattened it where it needed to be. Do you follow? This is what I was starting with.

How to make your own drop cloth wreath.
Chicken wire… not just for chickens!

With the form ready I got out my scrap drop cloth material left over from when I made drapes, placemats, runners and pillows. I cut out a template for a leaf shape and traced it onto the material. The tutorial called for about 50 leaves but didn’t say what size they were. So I cut out 50 leaves.

How to make your own drop cloth wreath.
Good afternoon project.

With leaves and a wreath form ready, I got my hot glue gun heated up and put a dab on the end of each leaf, pinching them together. This will give the wreath some dimension.

Glueing the leaves…one by one.

Now we were ready to make magic. I started by glueing each leaf to the form and quickly realized that 50 leaves weren’t going to cut it.

Jim is just full of great ideas. I showed him my progress and was complaining that the open weave of the chicken wire meant I was having a hard time covering holes between the leaves. His suggestion was to wrap the wreath form in wide packing tape and that would give me something to glue onto. Told you he was full of great ideas…he makes my life easier!!

Not nearly enough…

Time to cut out more leaves.

How to make your own drop cloth wreath.
Drop cloth leaves.

Lots more tracing, cutting and glueing and it was actually starting to look like something. There was one point where doubt crept in but I was sort of committed at that point. So I pushed on.

Over the half way mark.

What was supposed to be a quick afternoon project turned into an afternoon and evening project. But I kept going wanting to see the final result.

How to make your own drop cloth wreath.
Drop cloth wreath.

Remember how the tutorial called for 50 leaves? Yeah well that was crap. This wreath has 198 leaves. That is One hundred and ninety eight leaves.

If you attempt to make your own just be aware that you will need lots of leaves and patience. Oh and a wire wreath form might come in handy too, unless you have a stash of chicken wire that is.


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