Kiln Building – loading door

The kiln building is almost complete now. With the kiln floor in place, testing of the drawbridge style loading door has been met with success in its initial testing.

kiln building, drying lumber
Lowering the drawbridge on the kiln.

With the door at the bottom position, it is ready for test loading.

kiln building, wood drying, drawbridge, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
Kiln building for drying wood, lumber, etc.

The kiln building has room for 4 rolling carts.

kiln building, carts, rolling, wheels, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
Four rolling carts

Ideally the carts should be made of something more durable, like steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel for longevity. For now, wooden frames will have to do. The cast steel wheels are v-grooved, allowing them to roll along an angle iron track.

wood kiln, building, lumber, wood drying
Wood carts for loading lumber kiln building.

We will be using the kiln to dry lumber…

Sawmilled lumber for sale.
lumber crates from the sawmill

and firewood, or anything else that needs drying.

Palletized firewood for sale.
firewood crates we sell.

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