Call of Duty

These hemlock part oval shaped boards were the scrap pieces from a log I cut in early 2018 to get some oval shaped plaques. I am not one to throw anything away πŸ™‚ I set them aside, figuring at some point an idea will come along to make use of them. I figure if the Earth can invest +100 years to grow the tree, I can at least keep the pieces around for a little while longer to see what else might be possible.

woodworking, scrollsawing, Call of Duty, Boeing Vertol, SAR
Completed Maritime Call of Duty.

Some of the full oval pieces were made into signs, this custom family sign, and this Christmas sign.

DIY,Christmas sign,Christmas plaque,farm fresh christmas trees,hemlock wood slice
Well hello!

This past Christmas the first idea to use the scrap pieces was for this sign, a phrase that came to me one day.

wooden signs, hand painted, hand crafted, made in Nova Scotia, Antigonish County
A new sign we made this week

For some time I have wanted to make a maritime silhouette project that incorporated a SAR helicopter. Our home is in the flight path for many an airplane and helicopter, including Coast Guard and Search and Rescue.

March sunrises are beautiful here. I call this the Monday Morning Blues.

sunrise, Monday, March
Monday morning blues.

Today was a day where other pressing matters have either been dealt with or are delayed in completion. For example, I have just finished this custom order for a 4 ft x 3 ft wood map of Cape Breton.Β It was a custom order from a customer who recently opened a new office in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

scrollsawing, woodworking, custom crafts, made in Nova Scotia
Paint dries on another custom wood map of Cape Breton.
woodworking, scrollsaw wood map of Cape Breton
4ft map of Cape Breton

I am not one to sit idle, so it was onto the next project. This piece of oval board has been in the workshop, actually been in my way on purpose, for almost 4-5 months now. One of several projects in the shop that I have to move around to get at other thing. Its just my subtle reminder that it needs to be done.

I didn’t use any pattern and I did not reference any particular picture, just free styled with a pencil and pretty much kept to the lines I put down. I wasn’t too sure on how successful the helicopter blades were to become. The only way to find out it to just get ‘er done.


woodworking, scroll sawing, search and rescue, helicopters, Boeing Vertol, SAR
Free styling a SAR helicopter design.

A little bit of sanding and paint work, a few nails and some glue, and I can finally put this idea to rest. πŸ™‚ I’ve titled it “Call of Duty”. Hope you like it.

woodworking, scrollsawing, Call of Duty, Boeing Vertol, SAR
Completed Maritime Call of Duty.


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