Fireplace Digital Thermostat

We have been using a spring loaded thermometer in our wood stove flue since its been installed. Typically we replace it with a new one each year because the probe that is in the flue bends from overheating. We don’t always catch the wood stove in time to close the damper when trying to bring it up to heat. With a little bit of research online and reading some reviews that appeared to be honest, we purchased a digital thermometer from a web site that specializes in selling high heat thermometers.

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Digital thermo coupler for chimney stack.

The Aubrens unit is simple to operate. You can set a high and low temperature alarm. I set the high alarm to be 600ºF and the low alarm to be 250ºF. It works just as expected.

UPDATE: Quite a difference in fire management. When we had the SB probe, we’d start a fire, open the damper and the draft, and leave it until it was going ok (maybe 10-20 minutes) then start piling on wood. With the Auber, within a few minutes the high alarm rings so we close the damper. The temp drops immediately and the cold alarm rings. Open the damper again and the hot alarm rings within 30 seconds. The damper on this Harmon Oakwood stove is either open or closed, no in between, unless a person decides to sit there and hold onto the damper lever and try to balance the damper plate to leave it just open a little bit. PITA really. So it takes about 10-15 minutes of management to get the Auber reading somewhere around 350ºF. Then we can close the damper and start manipulating the draft. I can’t imagine how hot the flue must of gotten previously when just using the SB probe.

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