Christmas Must Be Coming…

Usually around this time of year there are a flurry of orders for wood maps. So far this year is no exception. We keep some stock on hand but of course if it is painted black the customer asks for navy. That is just the nature of the beast. We got smart and got a little ahead of things by cutting out the items but not painting or assembling them…just yet. Frames will be added later too.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw
Cut but not finished

We even have some boards just glued up waiting to be cut.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw
Ready to cut

Last week, this map of NS went out in the mail. Kinda sad to see it go, it was one of my favorites. We mailed it one day and they got it the next day.

hand crafted,wood maps,crafts,Nova Scotia
A framed wood map of Nova Scotia #66.

Then that customers friend contacted us to have this one of PEI shipped to her.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw,PEI map
Prince Edward Island map

Remember when we had the electrician in to work on the wiring for the kiln building. He took his payment in wood maps. Works for us. The first two he ordered were these. I believe he gave them for wedding presents.

wood maps, Nova Scotia,hand made,Antigonish
Wood maps Nova Scotia #50 and #51

And when he completed the job he put in his order for two more. One for a wedding and I believe one is for a Christmas present. He likes the fact that they are a matching set, meaning the one on the left was cut out of the boards that make up the one on the right.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw
Navy and natural maps

Then there have been orders for smaller items. This group of four went to one address.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw
NS maps plus Maple Leaves

One customer contacted us with a picture of her bathroom and wanted a map of NewfoundLand stained to match her vanity. See, you just never know.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw,NF map
Already gone out

And of course the map of NS crib board. We just happened to have a map cut out already that fit his criteria. Jim just had to print out the holes pattern and drilled them using the drill press.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw,crib map,crib board
NS crib map.

This weekend I was getting the backboards ready for some smaller NS maps. You can see them in the above picture waiting to be cut out. Since the wood used for these is generally thinner, we can stack cut them. These ones will be delivered to a gift shop in our local town this week.

wood maps,ns maps,scroll saw
Waiting for maps.

Lots to keep us out of trouble. If you are browsing the gallery section of maps and don’t see a specific color combination available, no worries…anything is possible, and we are prepared this year people!! So…bring it on.




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