Spray Foam Insulation in the Kiln Building

Woohoo, the day has finally arrived!! We are getting ever closer to finishing this project. With the kiln doors installed, spray foam insulation is now being added to the kiln building. So fun…so expensive. Can’t really complain though, so far the only expenses have been the steel roof, the man door and the hinges. Everything else we had on hand or made ourselves, meaning we milled all the lumber on the sawmill.

kiln building,siding
Kiln Building

When they arrived, they got to work covering everything inside the building that they didn’t want to come into contact with the spray foam. They covered the vents…

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.

The kiln unit itself…

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.

And the three fans.

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.

When he opened the back of the trailer this is what it looked like.

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.
They came prepared

Being a girl, I asked what color the foam would be. He told us each manufacturer has their own color of foam. On TV it is always purple. This stuff is light blue.

They started by spraying the floor first. Did you know this stuff expands and hardens in just four seconds. Yeah, me neither. After about twenty seconds you can walk on it. Not like when you spray foam around a window and it keeps coming out even ten minutes later. Ask me how I know!

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.
Marshmallow man

They sprayed just enough to fill the cavities in the floor. The goal was not to have to cut the insulation off the floor joists when finished. Also spraying the floor first meant that they could walk on it when doing the walls and ceiling.

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.
Working his way across the floor

And with the floor finished.

Spray foam insulation in the kiln building.

After the floor was done he did the same process for the ceiling.

Spray foam insulation in kiln building.

Now this is where I should be showing you the final picture with the job complete. Am I right? Nope. Nothing to see here folks. You see, they used a portable 12,000 watt generator to pump the insulation into the building and it quit working with only one wall and a bit left to spray. We know they will be back to finish because they haven’t been paid yet. After its done, installing the kiln floor is the final step.

Instead of a finished project I’ll show you a picture of our neighbour, Jacob, with his new hair cut. Gotta say he was almost unrecognizable.


dog sitting,jacob,frank
So cute and curly…like a teddy bear.


Not even close

Oh well, we’ve all had that one hair cut we wish to forget.


[UPDATE: Kiln Building: The Floor and installing the tarp]


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