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Back to Work on the Kiln Building

How is it the middle of October already? We have a to-do list that needs to be finished before winter arrives. We last left off on this kiln building project when we set up the kiln’s computer. We decided to work on the two most important things first. Finishing up the firewood (we have a long way to go) and working on the kiln building. We are busy splitting kindling in our spare time and evenings ( short as they are) but spent some time furthering the progress on the kiln building too.

Kiln building,big door
Building the draw bridge!

With the electrical finished for the equipment, there are just a few things left to do. First up we added styrofoam to the floor to help fill the cavities between floor joists. We plan to have the whole interior spray foamed including the floor and the styrofoam will keep the spray foam from being sprayed directly on the ground.

styrofoam,kiln building
Cutting the sheets to size

Before we put down the styrofoam between the floor joists, Jim ran a conduit under the building so we can easily get electricity hooked up to the next building.

conduit,kiln building
Ready for electricity for the next building

We also decided we needed to add a man door to the side of the building. Measure, measure, measure then cut.

kiln building
Getting ready to cut the opening
kiln building
Me cutting…just kidding

We bought this steel door second hand, it isn’t the ideal door but for $80 it suddenly became the ideal door.

kiln building
All installed

Then we turned our attention to the big door. The door is going to hinge down like a draw bridge. Anyone remember the friendly giant? Yeah, like that.  Jim built the frame and added 2 x 4 studs just like you would for a wall.

Next we had to add the hinges. Wanna see the largest, most expensive hinges in the world. Here you go…

kiln building,hinges
Big hinges

We bought the steel and had ‘Mike the welder‘ make them up for us. Once installed we realized we needed to add two bolts that go through both sides of the hinges to add more tension. In theory this would make the door easier to go up and down. That meant getting out the plasma cutter and blowing holes in the sides of the hinges.

plasma cutter,hinges,kiln building
One down, three to go

Here is the result…

hinges,kiln building
See..two new bolts

Here is the inaugural lowering of the door.

kiln building
On its way down

Guess what. It is still heavy even with the extra tension. And there is going to be wood siding on the outside as well as spray foam and boards on the inside. Speaking of the siding, we spent an afternoon putting the same siding that is on the other three walls on the new door.

First we wrapped it in tarps and then added strapping.

kiln building
Looks about right

Then we nailed on the siding.

kiln building
Poplar siding on the door

Here it is complete.

kiln building,siding
Our very own draw bridge

At this stage we have to build a curved sort of wall inside so when the fans are on the warm air is blown across the room and it will hit the curved portion and go behind the carts of lumber. We also have to pick up a kit for keeping the door closed from the inside. Then it will be time for the blown in insulation. Once that is done we will lay the floor and call it done.


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