Larger Planer Means Bigger Projects

We have been on the lookout for a larger planer for the workshop. Our old one only takes boards up to 12 inches wide. We priced out planers that took 24 inch boards but they were beyond what we were willing to pay. Hate when that happens. Then the clouds parted, the angels sang, and one came up for sale in our area. Love when that happens.

New to us planer

Here is how it went down…The ad was actually for a sander. You know how much we love to sand. Not. Anyhoo… once on the phone, the guy mentioned he also had a 20 inch planer for sale. Why yes… yes we are interested in the planer too.

We jumped in the truck and took the hour drive to a part of Nova Scotia, off the beaten path, we hadn’t visited before. It was a beautiful day and part of our drive took us along the coast.

Lighthouse on an island outside Canso NS

Turns out the equipment belonged to a boat builder who had passed away and the family was selling the contents of his workshop.

The planer is very heavy and it took several men to load it onto the back of our truck. Not small men either!! Luckily they had a loading dock in their workshop.

new planer
Very heavy planer

Here is the sander all strapped down for the trip home.

New to us sander

Once home, we had to use the skidsteer to unload the planer.

Love this skidsteer

The sander has a base with wheels. Perfect. We plan to make a base on wheels for the planer too. We had to get an electrician in to help with the wiring for the planer.

Oh, and we quickly sold our old planer. A guy who buys lumber from us said if we ever wanted to sell it he was interested. It was a great little table top model. It went to a good home.

Here is the sander in action.

Great for large boards

We both tried it out and the verdict is…it is awesome. It is going to make a big difference. Dare I say…sanding may be fun. Don’t hold me to that just yet though.

Here is the planer in action…

New to us planer

Holy crap the amount of shavings was insane.

All from one board

Good thing we know where to find a few chickens who will appreciate a fresh bed.








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