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Drop Cloth Drapes

Turns out I am the queen of sewing a straight line. Who knew! With my recent success at painting and sewing new pillows and a table runner, I figured I would try my hand at sewing drapes. I know…I must be out of my mind. Regardless, I headed back to Canadian Tire to buy some more painters drop cloths. Go figure…I needed two and they only had one left. I bought it anyways on the promise that they were ordering more and they would be in stock soon. Before I show you my brilliance, here is a look at the before.

curtains,drapes,dining room
Time for new drapes

And here is what I bought.

grain sack,painting stripes,pillows,table runner
Painters drop cloth

New paint called for new drapes.

I washed the material and waited for it to air dry until it was just damp. I got out my steam iron and wrangled all 8 x 12 feet of material over the ironing board. No easy feat. I had thought I could make one panel out of it but after the ironing fiasco, I decided that two 4 foot panels for either side of the doors made more sense.

DIY drop cloth drapes
Two panels per side

No pictures of sewing. I just put the peddle to the floor and sewed like a teenage boy driving a Porsche. With both panels done, I crossed my fingers and hung them up. I wasn’t finished just yet but figured before I proceed I better check to see if I even liked them. I knew I was going to paint some stripes so I grabbed some painters tape and marked out where I thought they might go.

DIY painted drop cloth drapes
So far…so good

I decided on a 4 inch stripe, then a 2 inch stripe and a 1 inch stripe.

Back in the basement my sewing room, I measured and taped off the stripes. This is actually an extra piece of material that I was experimenting on with different widths and colors of stripes.

DIY painted drop cloth drapes
Taping off the stripes

And here are the final drapes. Or at least half of them…

DIY painted drop cloth drapes

Canadian Tire better not let me down. Last time I checked, they were going to be in stock in September. That’s ok, by then I will be ready for round 2! Oh and when I get them completely finished the total price will be $60. Can’t beat that. Unless they discontinue them. Then I will be up the creek…


UPDATE: SEPT 4, 2018

The drop cloths came in and I managed to make drapes for the other side of the garden doors.

DIY drop cloth drapes with painted stripes
Stripes line up, thank God

And from a little farther back…

DIY drop cloth drapes with painted stripes
All finished!!!!

Now go forth and make your own drapes.

Bye for now


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