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Spray Frost on Windows

A few years back we used spray frost for the first time and it was a success. Our laundry room has no windows so when we finished the basement, we bought a door with a full glass insert and got busy with spray frost. The result was better than expected, especially when we had gone to a speciality glass store in town and they wanted six hundred dollars to do the same thing. I kid you not.

Make your own laundry room door.
In case I get lost looking for the washing machine

And from farther back…

Frosted glass laundry room door.
By the way, there is still no door knob

Back to the present…our bathroom window faces the driveway. I may have almost got caught a time or two with someone walking by to ring the doorbell. Sure we could have bought blinds but honestly the more light in a room the better. We finally got smart and decided to frost the lower portion of the window.

This is the product we used.

spray frost,bathroom window
Rustoleum Frosted Glass

First we cleaned the window and taped off the edges using newspaper to prevent overspray.

spray frost
Ready to spray

We followed the directions on the can and did a light, even spray. Then waited a few minutes and sprayed again. I think Jim sprayed 3 light coats in all.

using spray frost
First coat of spray frost

The results make us kick ourselves for not doing this sooner. But be warned, this stuff has a very strong smell!! We had to turn on the bathroom fan and air exchanger for a while until it went away.

From the outside you can’t see a thing and would probably never even notice.

spray frost
Can you see me now?

We were on a roll now and decided the bedroom next door could also benefit from the same treatment. Again, this window is on ground level right on the driveway. This time, since it is a bigger window, and we knew the spray had a strong smell, Jim took the bottom portion of the window out and brought it to the workshop. He taped off the frame and laid it on some cardboard. Same deal, several light coats.

DIY spray frost on window
Window #2

With only a minor struggle, the window was back in place. With no smell this time.

DIY Spray frost on window
Wave to JIm everyone!

This was the perfect solution for us. Only wish we had thought of it sooner. Sorry, Fedex guy.



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