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A Few More Map Orders… Everyone Different!

A few weeks ago we had an order come in for a white washed map of Prince Edward Island (PEI). While any province or country can be scrolled out of wood, the islands are most easily recognizable. Again we knew we could get 2 map projects out of one cutting session.

wood map of PEI
PEI map

The lower one went out in the mail with a hanger on the back. Then we took the white washed negative, added a navy backer board and navy frame. This one will be for sale (see our online gallery). Here is the result.

PEI wood map
Sharp looking

A couple of more orders had us using the scroll saw and drill press. They were both maps of Nova Scotia crib boards but to be finished differently. In an afternoon, Jim cut out the two maps on the scroll saw, and the next day he got to work drilling the holes. When we print out the maps on self-adhesive paper, and if the customer wants it to be a crib board, Jim sizes the crib board pattern to fit within the specified size of map.

drilling,Nova Scotia,made in Canada,crib boards,hand made,custom cuts.
Drilling in Nova Scotia.

And a closer look at his handiwork…

crib boards,ns map
He makes it look easier than it is to line up the holes

So here is one of the finished crib maps. It has a hanger on the back so when not in use it can hang on the wall.

crib board,map of NS
Measures 20 inches long

For the other one the customer requested the backer board be covered with Nova Scotia tartan material. Jim built a frame and we painted it navy. This one is also going out in the mail. Here is this project completed.

crib boards,custom made,hand crafted in Nova Scotia,made in Canada
Framed wood map Nova Scotia crib board

Some more projects we made last week. All in one day actually. Lots of NS maps, Canadian flags, Pride maps, there is even a lobster in there for good measure.

maps,maple leafs,lobster,NS maps,pride
Fun projects

We enjoy making these projects. We have it down to a science now.





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