Adding Color to the Walls Finally!

With everything primed it was time for paint. Before we started on the walls the ceiling needed a coat of ceiling paint. Funny but it was easier to get the primer on than the paint. I’m guessing the actual paint was thicker. Either way we had to be mindful of streaks. We were hoping with the primer we could get away with just one coat of paint. Turns out if you are very careful it is possible.

painting the living room
Same shit, different day

The ceiling looks so good! Nice and white again. I dread sparking up the wood stove this winter.

Usually when we paint we don’t tape anything off. We are that good. Just kidding. But this time Jim taped off the baseboards and it really helped speed things up. We still freehanded it around the windows though.

painting the living room

I painted the lower part of the window wall…

painting the living room
Pretty steady hand

…and Jim painted the top.

painting the living room
Good time to clean the windows

We got one coat on the whole room (ceiling and walls) in an afternoon and the next day Jim got a call for a skidsteer job so we painted the window wall together and then I painted the second coat on the rest. Oh, and we bought 2 gallons and still have one unopened.

As a reminder here is the BEFORE…

painting the living room

And the AFTER…

painting the living room
It’s a big change

It took about an hour to move the ladders out, get the plastic off everything, get the floors swept and washed and put the face plates back on. When Jim got home, we moved the furniture back in.

painting the living room
I’m sure I will get used to it

And from the other direction.

painting the living room
Soooo green

I think I like it. It still surprises me when I walk into the room. We had the other color for 8 or 9 years. Jim said I better like it. LOL

We painted the entryway with the same color but I have big plans for that corner. Haven’t started it yet. Hence the 1/2 painted walls. The color looks off in this next picture.

painting the living room
Stay tuned

If you have ever painted a room a vastly different color you know more things are bound to change. They call it the ‘snowball effect.’ I feel a freeze coming on.


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