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Another Very Large Map of Nova Scotia

If you remember when we made the custom map of Nova Scotia on a grey weathered backer board a few weeks ago, then you remember we had the negative ready to create a second map. So that’s what we did. Here is a close up of the details on the Cape Breton end of the map. The dime is there for size and scale.

scroll saw,wooden maps, Nova Scotia,Antigonis,County,Guysborough, Pictou, Richmond,Halifax,District of St. Mary's
Dime showing scale of scroll saw work

This is where we left off once the initial map was cut out. The one on the bottom is the one we are working with for this project.

wood map,ns map,backboard,scroll saw
Two wood map projects in one

Jim cut out a backboard from luan (thin plywood) the exact same size as the plywood cutout. Then he started working on the frame, cutting the four pieces from poplar.

wooden maps,Antigonish County,woo dmap of Nova Scotia,arts an Crafts,hand made in Nova Scotia,
Poplar frame

We decided to give the frame mitered corners for a cleaner look.

framing woodworking projects,wooden maps of Nova Scotia,Halifax County,HRM,Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
A good snug fit

After the frame was glued and nailed together he laid it in place but nothing was attached together yet. Here it is still in three pieces: the cutout map, the backboard, and frame.

wooden maps,Nova Scotia, the Maritimes,hand made crafts
All ready for finishing

This is where I take over painting the backboard and frame. We decided to go with black again. Both parts required two coats of paint with a hand sanding in between coats.

woodworking projects,wooden maps,Nova Scotia,Antigonish County,St. Andrews
Framed with a semi gloss black paint

We weren’t fond of the sheen once it was painted, so Jim took the pieces out to the workshop and gave a final light sanding just to knock back the shine a little.

sanding,finishing,framing,wood maps,Nova Scotia
A little bit of hand sanding

Then it was time for assembly. Jim used glue between the map and the backboard as well as nails to hold everything snug. He was being very careful to send the nails in on an angle but I think the tips of two of them came through the front. He was able to get those nails out though.

woodworking projects,wooden maps of the Maritimes,made in Nova Scotia,Antigonish County
Ooppss, made a boo boo.

We put a coat of wax on the natural wood part which only darkened it slightly, and gave it a nice soft sheen.

Here is the finished product hanging on the wall. It is really large and I love it. It measures 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. It will be posted for sale on our gallery page.

wooden maps,Nova Scotia,cartography,cartographic maps of Nova Scotia,Halifax shipyard,navy, marine
23-3/8 x 49-1/2 inches Nova Scotia wood map #49

And just for fun here is the positive image map that came from the center of the cutout.

NS map,wood map
24 x 48 inch map



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