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Wind Spinner 2.0

With the success of our first wind spinner, we wanted to make another one… but different. We were wondering if cutting out a different shape would make a big difference in appearance or even wind spinnability. Thats a word. But if you spell it a little differently you get a different meaning. Don’t do it. Here is the first one we made, a little blurry cause, well, it was spinning.

wind spinner
So handsome

This time we decided to make a circle, thinking it would look like a ball when spinning. We did everything the same as last time, you can read all the steps here, but there were a few differences.

wind spinner
About 12 inches long

With the washers and bolts in place but before we could call it a day, we had to cut the rod to length. For this Jim put the rod in the vise and cut it using a hacksaw.

wind spinner
Easy does it

We also needed to drill a hole in the rod for a wire to pass through in order to hang it.

wind spinner
Drilling through the rod

Here was the result.

wind spinner
Looks about right

We wanted to draw a 11 – 12 inch circle but the protractor didn’t go that big, first world problems, so we got creative and used a bucket to get the shape. Then cut it on the bandsaw, like before.

wind spinner
Not bad

I stained it just like the first one but this time I painted the ends green.

wind spinner
Now to put it together

I thought putting it together into a circle would be easy. Nope. The ends were easy but in the middle section, since the pieces were so close in size, it was tricky. Then as I was threading the rod through I realized the torture of the circle.

Here it is hanging next to the first one.

wind spinner
Two masterpieces

While I like the edges painted, I still like the shape of the longer one the best. Also if we make another one some time, I will be numbering the pieces before stain or paint.


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